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Cocoon sets sail independently from Contriber group, providing diverse approaches for leaders growth

Summer 2023 marked a pivotal moment for Cocoon Program as the company began a new chapter on its journey, spinning off from the Contriber group.

Cocoon, initially part of the Contriber group, was created to support entrepreneurs' self-discovery journey. Contriber, in addition to educating individuals, catered to the other needs of entrepreneurs, including investments, office spaces and business conferences.

With time Contriber became increasingly focused on personal development for individuals through the lens of Toltec Wisdom. As a result, it became evident that a fork of paths was necessary to cater to the needs of increasingly manifold client segments.

To provide diverse self-development approaches for its business clients, Cocoon has spun off from the group as an independent company. Cocoon is led by CEO Farhad Niyoz, who has 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in the technology sector and a decade invested in self-discovery and inner growth.

Farhad Niyoz: "Our team at Cocoon celebrates the diversity of our mentors, whose varied backgrounds in business and personal development characterise our ability to support our clients' unique needs.

We assist founders and leaders in understanding the connection between their personality attributes and business challenges, guiding them to transmute weaknesses into strengths, and unlocking their potential for personal well-being and business success."

Cocoon's support extends beyond business strategy, decision making and leading people; it supports the individuals' self-acceptance and growth of inner freedom and power so leaders can feel and materialise their purpose, vision, and values and maintain rewarding relationships.

"Our goal is to cultivate an environment that supports and encourages self-discovery and personal growth for business leaders. We want to emphasise the human aspect of entrepreneurship, putting life and human well-being first, with business and profit consequently following. Our clients are inner growth-oriented founders and leaders in the business and public sectors. For us all, it's not only about achieving more; it's about becoming more authentic and human," says Farhad.

With a broad and diverse client and mentor base, Cocoon provides personal and professional development mentoring programs for scaleup and mature business founders and executives from the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Japan, Germany, UK, among other countries. These experiences, available mainly online, are interwoven with several transformative onsite events, promoting a holistic growth path.

Additionally, Cocoon continues investing in selected client companies through syndicates with other angel investors interested in promoting self-development in the business environment.

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