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The best schedule for sTARTUp Day by .Cocoon & .Contriber

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Business festival sTARTUp Day is about to begin and we recommend coming prepared!

We put together a list of the most important do-not-miss events during that time for every startup founder who believes that in order to their startup to grow, they need to grow.

Ϟ August 25 – Side-events

9 am CONFERENCE HACKING @ SPARK HUB - This is the best way to get inside information about the best talks, seminars and parties of the festival!

Ϟ August 26 – Conference Day 1

ALL DAY @ .Contriber “Don’t waste my time” box

Have an honest, insightful conversation about your challenges in a 30-minute 1-on-1 session with .Contiber/.Cocoon mentor. Sign up to secure a spot!

11:10 am MENTAL HEALTH IN REMOTE TEAMS @ 🎉Festival Studio by Enelin Paas

How to make sure that all the members of your team (even those who are not in the office) are doing great?

12-4 pm sTARTUp PITCHING @ 📣 Pitching Stage

Listen to the best and brightest startups pitching their idea to win awards like for example an investment from .Cocoon Ventures (up to 150 000 €) that includes getting into 1-year .Cocoon Program.

4 pm THREE IN BED @ 📍 Starlight Stage by Aleksander Tõnnisson

How to be in a relationship and also run a startup? What would a visit to a couples therapy look like if you, your spouse, and your startup would all go? .Cocoon Program mentor Aleksander gives advice!

4:20 pm HOW TO ATTRACT THE BEST TALENT BY KNOWING YOUR PURPOSE @ 📍 Starlight Stage by Ansis Farhad Līpenītis

When scaling, founders compete for the best talent and investors. Higher salary, interesting work and professional growth opportunities don't stand out anymore. One thing impossible to copy is your sense of purpose.

4:40 pm UNICORNS ARE NOT BORN OVERNIGHT @ 📍 Starlight Stage by Simona Andrijauskaitė

What it actually takes to build a fast-growing business? Interactio co-founder shares her knowledge!

5:15 pm RESOLVE CHALLENGES WITH FOUNDERS P2P MENTORING by Ansis Farhad Līpenītis @ Seminar room 1

We will learn to support each other with P2P mentoring in groups of two. Through it, seek more clarity to resolve our challenges. Focus on finding the link between business and personal challenges. Founders only.

8 pm sTARTUp NIGHT @ Lodjakoda

Time to wrap up the day and enjoy the party!

Ϟ August 27 – Conference Day 2

ALL DAY @ .Contriber “Don’t waste my time” box

Have an honest, insightful conversation about your challenges in a 30-minute 1-on-1 session with .Contiber/.Cocoon mentor. Sign up to secure a spot!


How to unlock your life's purpose? Peter is obsessed with travelling and learning unique ways to create a more meaningful life. He shares his insights on creating a life full of wonder, and the concept of Ikigai, a Japanese secret to living a happy and purposeful life.


As your startup grows, it has to go through many changes. As a leader in your organization, you have an outsized effect on the success or failure of those changes. In this seminar, you will learn to confidently lead change efforts to everyone's benefit.

2:55 pm WHY I DON'T TELL OTHERS WHAT TO DO @ 📍 Starlight Stage by Jaan Murumets

Jaan will tell you why he does not believe in telling his team what to do and how everyone in Krakul has the opportunity to influence the company's vision and future.

3:05 pm SELL YOURSELF FIRST @ 📍 Spotlight Stage by Mihkel Rembel

You are the biggest benefit, feature, solution, value! There are many competitors who can deliver similar value as your product and service. But no-one out there is like YOU.

3:45 pm BUILDING FAILURE IMMUNITY @ Seminar room 1 by Age Rosenberg

Use failure as your springboard in building your fast-growing business. We will take a look into how immune you already are and whether you are using all the tools available to you in a personal as well as business context.

4:25 pm sTARTUp PITCHING AWARD CEREMONY @ 📍 Starlight Stage

Who will get up to €150k investment and yearly mentoring program from .Cocoon Ventures syndicate?

And of course, meet us during the breaks at the Matchmaking area to talk about self-development and business growth! You will find .Contriber and .Cocoon virtual booths in Brella.

And that's it! We are sure you will enjoy this schedule we have carefully put together for you. Make sure to say hello, when you see us during the festival!



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