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The best schedule for sTARTUp Day by Cocoon & .Contriber 2022

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Baltics biggest business festival sTARTUp Day is about to begin! For a great experience, we put together a list of recommendations!

Ϟ August 24 – Side events Day, Wednesday

9 am Conference Hacking - SPARK HUB

Without a plan, you are planning to fail. Start your festival on 24th by taking the time to set goals and plans. The best place for this is at the Festival Hacking at 9 am at SPARK. In addition to getting speaker recommendations and tips for significant side events, you can also get your badge!

On August 24, there are plenty of events to choose from - 27 to be exact! You can join Tartu Street Art Tour, enjoy Antonius Fashion Show, come up with a new business idea at BioHackathon and end your day by Mixing realities. Check out the events page for more information.

Ϟ August 25 – Conference Day 1, Thursday

ALL DAY .Contriber booth at sTARTUp Tartu area.

Step into our house, and let's chat about your current biggest business or personal challenge. We might have some good advice to give.

10:00 am Opening show - Starlight Stage

Don't miss the opening show at 10 am! Historically it has always been a real show!

10:20 am "There are NO BAD TEAMS, Only BAD LEADERS" - Seminar Room 2

Co-founders of Combat Ready will give an introduction to the concept of "Extreme Ownership" developed by retired NAVY SEALs Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. Taking responsibility for their life is usually a challenge for most people. As a leader, you need to know how this works!

Jaïr Halevi - Startup Program Manager at Miro

12:10 pm Hiring for Cultural Fit - Starlight Stage

Jaïr Halevi from Miro has great experience with company culture and how to use this for hiring. "You need the right people, not the best people." Startups have no time and no money to have bad hires. Therefore it is critical to hire for cultural fit.

12:30 pm Cocoonity Workshop for Better Relationships (Co-Founders and Lovers Welcome) - Seminar room 3

Aleksander Tõnnisson, mentor and CSO at .Cocoonity will share practical tools for better relationships with people in your life and also with yourself. Whether at the level of business, social activities or family life, relationships create most of the value (and ROI if you wish) we have in our life, but it's also the most challenging part. So let's see what are the simple everyday hacks you can use to upgrade your life.

1:15 pm Less than 2% of VC money goes to female founders: how to get over the hump? - Seminar room 2

Funding women received from VCs in 2020 was only 2.3% of all the investments. Women also raised much smaller rounds than men - $6.8M vs $18.7 million. How to fundraise in this market? Sharing tips, lessons, and some hard truths at this session.

1:50 pm Amazon's Culture of Innovation - Starlight Stage

Yaron Shilat is the Head of Public Policy at Amazon Web Services. He will talk about how Amazon nurtures innovation and creativity in their company.

2:20 pm ESOP (Employee Stock Option Plan) A-Z for the startups and scaleups - Seminar room 6

Everything you need to know about planning and implementing the most powerful motivation plan in your startup and scaleup. How to get it right and scalable along your company's growth?

2:40 pm Individual & Company Wellbeing for Long-Term Growth - Seminar room 3

We should prioritize human connection over data for competitive advantages in company wellbeing. Best tips on creating a happy work culture and attracting top talent, based on lessons learnt advising billion-dollar companies, including L'Oreal and Google.

3:00 pm How to stand out as a startup and recruit top candidates to grow your business? - Seminar room 1

CEO of VideoCV, Kristian Kalle, talks about how to onboard candidates who will be able to bring your company's mission to life. Hiring the right candidates to build your dream team is easier said than done, but in this seminar, you will touch on the key points of finding such talent.

4:15 pm Ups and Downs of Building a Gigacorn - Spotlight Stage

Reaching seed-round funding is an important milestone for all startups, and it comes with huge effort. However, things will not be easier after that cash has landed on your account. Gaspar Anton, the CEO of Eyevi, will share his experience about all the ups and downs this journey had from their 1.8mil eur seed round.

8:00 pm sTARTUp Night - Kammivabrik

Trad-pop-rock band Trad.Attack! is going to be headlining this amazing event!

The party takes place in Kammivabrik, which in translation means the factory of combs. They started manufacturing combs in Tartu in 1918 and exported them mainly to England. Be ready for rustic-factory-meets-startup-future vibes!

Ϟ August 26 – Conference Day 2, Friday

10:25 am Lessons From Pitching Winners - Starlight Stage

Hear the lessons learned from previous years' sTARTUp Pitching winners - VSight, Outvio and Jeff App - and see how winning the competition affected their startup journey. As we also invested in VSight, you might get great tips on how to land yourself an investment!

10:45 am Mental health as a business strategy - Spotlight Stage

Employees feel more empowered to expect companies to care about their wellbeing, happiness and fulfilment. To grow, organizations need to rethink how they deal with employee wellbeing and make it an integral part of their business strategy.

11:10 am Give Back and Never Give Up. From Failed Entrepreneur to Investor in 50+ Startups - Starlight Stage

A great way to learn is to learn from others' mistakes! Raja Skogland will talk about the power of the vision, the power of your network, giving back, and never giving up.

12:30 pm How to Choose the Right Fundraising Model? - Seminar room 5

In this short yet comprehensive session on fundraising, you will get a good understanding of the most common models for fundraising. As each comes with distinctive features, it is important for the company and investors to choose the one that best fits their needs. These details are worth knowing, as they essentially decide the relationship with the investors and how the profits will be shared in the future.

1:00 pm Why Do Anything at All? - Starlight Stage

Aleks Koha will talk about intrinsic motivation - why do anything at all? The startup journey will be hard most of the time, and you will question yourself - why am I doing this? It's an important question, why are any of us doing anything?

Farhad Niyoz, the CEO of Cocoon Program

1:45 pm Founders Mentoring Workshop by Cocoon - Seminar room 3

Farhad Niyoz, the CEO of Cocoon Program, will help you to see how you are limiting your company growth. This event is for all the entrepreneurs who would like to work on solving their current biggest business challenge or learn a new tool.

2:40 pm Startup Survival Handbook: Bootstrapping ⇾ COVID ⇾ War - Starlight Stage

Oleksandra Bernatska from Skyworker shares her startup journey from Covid to war. Despite the war and the fact that most of the team is in Ukraine, she continues to both develop the product in new markets and help Ukrainian engineers find a job remotely.

3:15 pm The 3 Traits of Successful Founders - Spotlight Stage

Investors and founders discuss the importance of a 'good' team for success. But, what makes a good team? Based on Jin Han's personal interactions with more than 100 founders, three traits stand out - Focus, Values and Coachability.

3:35 pm Is Your Business Led by You or Your Fear? - Spotlight Stage

Hristo Neiland, the COO of Cocoon will look at fear, how much it runs peoples' lives, business strategies, and how to work with it.

3:55 pm With Clarity and Peace Towards Effortless Success – Reaching Flow and Bliss - Spotlight Stage

Abundance is the product of gratitude and true manifestation. The ultimate alignment of mind- and heart-intelligence. The presence we get, once our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies are aligned, is pure bliss – ecstasy, the flow. How to do so? Pretty easy, as you will see.

5:00 pm sTARTUp Pitching Award Ceremony - Starlight Stage

After 380 applications, the top 5 have made it to the Stage, and it's time to announce the winners! Cocoon Ventures is also giving away a €100 000 investment!

5:10 pm Closing of sTARTUp Day 2022 - Starlight Stage

See you at sTARTUp Day 2023 from 15-17 March!


And of course, meet us at the Matchmaking area and let's talk about self-development can speed up your company's growth. You can find .Contriber, Cocoon and .Cocoonity booth at Brella and find all our people from there. We are all ready to meet and talk!

See you soon at sTARTUp Day!




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