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Tartu, Estonia 2020

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Clarity for Founders to Grow Their Company

Company growth program through personal mentoring. If we compared your startup to a car, we focus on the driver - You

Deadline: April 12. Limited to 30 founders.
Who and how can apply?

Why are the founders joining us?

Your personal growth is an unfair advantage that can boost the organization's growth as well. 

  • Get clarity to see your true challenges 

  • Increase your personal power to solve them

  • Think clearer, faster

  • Become more authentic 

  • Align your company to your life on a bigger scale.

Rein Lemberpuu

.Cocoon co-founder

At .Cocoon, I met leaders both self-aware and taking the first steps towards self-discovery. I recommend .Cocoon for everyone who doesn't want to be the bottleneck for their own business.

Alvar Lumberg, TransferWise

We understand your struggle

As a startup founder, you deal with various challenges depending on the stage.


Usual methods and online resources provide only surface-level solutions, so problems tend to repeat in cycles. You start to feel frustrated and stuck. You come to realize that to be permanent, the change has to start within yourself.​​


It is important to understand that no human is perfect, and most of the problems begin from within. A way forward might be a change of attitude, but to see this, you need to have a change of perspective.​

Some of the challenges we have helped to solve:​

  • Why am I stuck and can't scale my startup?

  • How are leadership decisions biased because of the cap-table?

  • Why some of my team leads fail to grow in their responsibility area?

  • What is blocking me from finding a missing core team member?

  • How to come out of the stress trap and periods of low motivation?

  • How to build a successful team? 

Become a more powerful founder

.Cocoon is a 1-year company growth program through personal mentoring. We start from your startup’s business challenge and find the link between the challenge and your approach, attitudes, and behaviors. The mentors of the program guide the participants to see new perspectives and founders can find new solutions.


Learn more about how it works

Program highlights:

  • We focus on your personal development instead of the company and balance your mental health

  • Your personal growth is an unfair advantage that can boost the organization's growth as well.

If you’re ready to commit to true change rather than the dull silence of a comfortable existence, .Cocoon is the place to be. The experienced mentors will guide you to see your true challenges and hold you accountable. 

Felix Paries, Primed Mind

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.Cocoon mentoring event May 14-15, Tartu, Estonia 
Limited to 30 founders. Deadline April 12. Read more