Entrepreneurship as a way of self-discovery

Self-discovery and company growth program through personal mentoring. Turn your challenges into the fuel of self-discovery and company growth

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Who and how can apply?

Why are the founders joining us?

Some founders know well what they want to achieve and would like to use support in getting there:

  • Use your business as a way of self-discovery;

  • Get clarity to grow your company;

  • Understand what is holding you back to make better choices and achieve your goals;

  • Understand yourself to lead others;

  • Learn to discriminate and cut off the unnecessary to increase the performance of yourself and company;

  • Get critical advice from people who are truthful and are not afraid to speak their minds;

  • Get the support to see the doors in the wall;

  • Create a company culture that is aligned with your values and purpose in life;

  • Form better relationships with your team and customers;

  • Release the pressure of constant struggle.

Some cannot verbalize what they are looking for but have a feeling that can be expressed:

  • Something is missing or not adding up;

  • Feeling melancholic or even depressed;

  • Something is wrong in my relationship with myself or with my company;

  • There must be something more to my work and life than meets the eye;

  • I cannot put my finger on it but things don't feel right or complete.

Rein Lemberpuu

.Cocoon co-founder

At .Cocoon, I met leaders both self-aware and taking the first steps towards self-discovery. I recommend .Cocoon for everyone who doesn't want to be the bottleneck for their own business.

Alvar Lumberg, TransferWise

When information and advisors are not enough

As a human, you want to become more self-aware, to progress in your self-discovery. As a startup founder, you deal with various challenges depending on the stage.
Usual methods and online resources provide only face-value solutions, so you can't reach certain goals even when armed with various types of information and advice. This is when you acknowledge you have faced a true challenge - a goal that you have tried to reach with your limited resources (time, money, network) and have failed. 


It is important to understand that no human is perfect, and true challenges begin from within. The way forward is to have an inner change, a change of perception. 

Some of the challenges we have helped to solve:​

  • Why don't I feel the sense of purpose and motivation? 

  • Why do I lack inner authority? 

  • Why am I stuck and can't scale my startup?

  • How are leadership decisions biased because of the cap-table?

  • Why do some of my team leads fail to grow in their responsibility area?

  • What is blocking me from finding a missing core team member?

  • How to come out of the stress trap and periods of low motivation?

  • How to build a successful team?

Self-discovery and company growth program

.Cocoon is a 1-year self-discovery and company growth program through personal mentoring. We start from your startup’s business challenge and find the link between the challenge and you (your perception - approach, attitudes, and behaviors). 

The mentors of the program guide the participants to change their perception and grow their awareness, and founders can see new solutions that were unavailable to them before. 

This is when self-discovery becomes essential for business growth, and tackling the business challenges turns into the fuel for self-discovery.


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Program highlights:

  • We focus on your self-discovery;

  • We use your business challenges as a way to change your perception and grow your awareness;

  • Your personal growth is an unfair advantage that can boost the organization's growth.

I believe that most challenges in our life and business are directly related to the challenges, limitations, or barriers in ourselves. Cocoon helped me to understand the root cause of my challenges and remove the barriers and limitations that are causing them. At the end of the program, I am a better leader but, more importantly, a better and happier person. 

Mattias Lepp, CEO of Click & Grow

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