Participants - startups and scale-ups

We are happy to work with two groups of participants - the first group consists of full program participants who are involved in the 1-year program and also attend our trainings, and the second group consists of founders who attend our Training Days

A key takeaway for me from the last training was to listen to and trust other people. This especially involves trusting yourself to make those mistakes as a way to learn.

Marek Alliksoo, CEO at SKYCORP

Full program participants

Aleksander Tõnnisson

Buildit Accelerator, managing partner

Anri Kivimäki

AISpotter founder, CEO

Felix Paries

Primed Mind co-founder

Heikki Mägi

Fitlap co-founder, CEO

Indrek Jaal

GlobalReader founder, CEO

Marion Teder

CareMate founder

Matiss Neimanis

BuildIt Accelerator Managing Partner

Rain Sepp

askRobin founder, CEO

Seren Rumjancevs

StartupIncluder, CEO

André Hammen

Metamorph founder, CEO

Ansis Lipenitis

Motivio co-founder, CEO

Hanna Talving co-founder, CEO

Henrikas Urbonas

Interactio co-founder, CEO

Kristo Kõiv

GlobalReader co-founder, COO

Marti Soosaar

SportID co-founder, CEO

Mattias Lepp

Click & Grow founder, CEO

Rohan Jaguste

Keyofd founder

Triin Kask

Nevercode co-founder

Participants of Training Days

Agur Jõgi

askRobin co-founder

Alvar Lumberg

Transferwise engineering lead

Andrus Purde

Outfunnel co-founder, CEO

Douglas Castro

DarkGlass Electronics Chairman Of The Board

Erki Pisuke co-founder, COO

Hanna Castro

Finnish Association for Milk Hygiene

Helen Vellemaa

Click and Grow CFO

Ivo Mägi

Plumbr CEO

Joonas Järv

Click and Grow Customer Support Manager

Kaarel Rand

Click and Grow Head of Supply

Kristian Sägi

Nevercode co-founder

Kristjan Vanaselja

GoWorkaBit co-founder, CEO

Madis Uuema

Themo CEO

Maria Laanelepp

Faaz partner, CEO

Marit Alaväli

Ignite CEO, partner

Martin Jeret

Nevercode CEO

Martti Paatela

EpicFoods co-founder, CEO

Nikolas Trutiak

HYMET Thermal Interfaces founder and CEO

Olav Kokovkin lead developer

Patrick Palucki

myOS founder

Pille Lengi

Tilk! founder

Priit Pedastsaar

Click and Grow innovation manager

Roman Gnibida


Taavid Mikomägi

Hiwe co-founder, CEO

Tauri Trummal

Navinmedia Development Manager

Tom Brooke

Qurate founder and CEO

Tõnu Vahtra

Playtech Head of Service Operations

Alo Murutar

SprayPrinter Executive

Andres Heinsaar

Vendipuhastus CEO

Birgit Karus

Fanvestory founder, CEO

Erick Pastor

ChemCode co-founder and CEO

Francisco Cresp Sinning

Neural DSP founder, software development manager

Hardi Kinnas

MySpotit co-founder, CEO

Henry Patzig

SprayPrinter co-founder

Jaan Saks

Sportlyzer CEO

Jüri Pruulmann

Commit owner, manager

Karl Laas founder, CEO

Kristjan Maruste

CoModule co-founder, CEO

Liina Ilves

Click and Grow head of marketing

Maido Janke

Eziil co-founder, CEO

Mariana Hagström

Avokaado founder and CEO

Martin Grünberg

Evocon head of development

Martin Koppel

Fortumo co-founder, CEO

Mihkel Trei

StartupIncluder CEO

Nilson Kufus

Nomoko co-founder, CEO

Pasi Joronen CEO

Paula Poukka

Videoly chief commercial officer

Priit Kruus

Dermtest co-founder, CEO

Richard Murutar

SprayPrinter CEO

Sampsa Fabritius

Kieku founder, CEO

Taniel Põld

Degritter co-founder, CEO

Teet Praks

CoModule co-founder, sales and product

Tõnis Kusmin

Tebo founder, CEO

Uku Püttsepp

Degritter co-founder, COO

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