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Grow as a CEO

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Intuit credit part of their early and ongoing successes to the external mentorship their CEOs and executives received.


Cocoon Program provides the same type of growth support to CEOs and executives like you. Our goal? To support your company's most crucial asset - you.

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We focus on 3 dimensions of support
our clients experience improvements in these areas: 

​Personal growth and wellbeing

  • Being more authentic.

  • Increased clarity in purpose, vision, and values.

  • More inner freedom from limiting beliefs, and power to act according to values.

  • Better self-care, leading to increased motivation, energy, and less stress.

  • Strengthened intuition and self-confidence.

​Professional growth as a leader

  • Enhanced ability to spot and seize opportunities.

  • Improved decision making abilities.

  • Improved time management skills, less overwhelm.

  • Better relationships with other people.

Leadership team collaboration

  • A more aligned and engaged team.

  • Optimised structure and role clarity.

  • Better business strategy.

  • Improved company's sales performance.


​​I joined Cocoon Program because I saw that my company and I needed a change for better results. Since then, I have brought many learnings from Cocoon back to my company - we ensure that everybody in our team has the right job for them and that team members trust each other. I have met brilliant people through this program and gained a lot of food for thought for many months to come.

Indrek Jaal, Globalreader CEO, Estonia  

How it works 

The program suits you if you are interested in better business results and also 

  • Have a curiosity for self-understanding,

  • Are willing to adapt and change, not just your environment but also yourself,

  • Understand the value of investing time and resources to gain more of both.

The program is 1 year long with 3 months trial period. More than half of clients extend to the following year. 


We designed Cocoon Program to provide you with diverse support options, including:

  • One-to-one mentoring with your primary mentor, supplemented with sessions with other program mentors on specific topics;

  • Group sessions with your leadership team;

  • Mastermind sessions with program participants from other companies;

  • Transformational events with most program participants and mentors;

  • Plus, other activities.

Most of the collaboration is online, except for the events. Interactions typically occur every 2-3 weeks, depending on your chosen plan. The program offers several intensity plans to suit your needs best.

Solo or Team

We offer Cocoon support for one or multiple leadership team members in two ways:

  • Solo - we support the individual's personal and professional growth 

  • Team - we support the individuals' growth and enhance the alignment between the program participants from your company.



Program fees range from 400-1800 EUR per person per month. The most popular plan among CEOs is 1000 EUR per month. (+VAT if applicable)


Participation in Cocoon Program has helped me to solve challenges in my business and also on a personal level. I learned whatever challenge I will meet, most probably someone has already experienced it, and there are at least several solutions

Matiss Neimanis, Buildit CEO, Latvia  

Your turn

1. Get in touch with us,

2. We'll set up a 20-minute call to identify the program plan and mentor best suited to your needs,

3. Following our call, we'll sign an agreement and connect you with two matching mentors for an introductory call, for you to choose your mentor.

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