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#9 .Cocoon Podcast - Rein Lemberpuu - Can you dream your success into reality?

Is everybody responsible for their own success or does luck play a part in it?

startup podcast

startup podcast

Rein: “I think success is more like an expectation. You project something to the future. Very rarely people want to consider themselves successful at the moment.”

In this episode Rein also gives practical advice on how to use belief to make your dreams into reality.

If this topic connected with you and you'd like to learn more let's schecule a call and see if .Cocoon Program could be something for you.

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The podcast was conducted by:

Rein Lemberpuu is the CEO and founder of Contriber. He was also the founder of .Cocoon Program, and before that he was the CEO of Estonia’s second unicorn startup - Playtech. Now he focuses on mentoring startup founders and people who want to walk the path with heart.

Ansis Lipenitis .Cocoon CEO Ansis supports founders’ self-discovery for personal and business growth. A tech-entrepreneur since 2003 with experience in growth, crisis management and exiting. Studies and uses self-discovery and mysticism approach in business and decision-making. Loves nature.

Hristo Neiland .Cocoon COO Hristo is mentoring startup founders and athletes to help them grow and achieve their goals. He started competing in sports early in his life - from basketball to disc golf. He has been leading different businesses since 2018 and is currently working alongside Ansis running the .Cocoon Program.

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