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Mastering Effective Management Meetings: Insights for C-Level Executives and Founders

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In this episode, we explore the art and best practices of running effective meetings tailored for C-level management and founders. Martins Bicevskis, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in both governmental and private sectors, and Farhad Niyoz, an experienced entrepreneur and business mentor, share their expertise on optimizing meetings to extract maximum potential.

Learn the critical steps for preparing, conducting, and concluding meetings, understand the importance of clear responsibilities, and discover strategies for leading productive discussions. Whether you want to improve decision-making, have a better team alignment, or improve the overall value of your meetings, this episode offers valuable insights and practical advice. 


0:00 Introducing ourselves

3:35 Is this episode for you?

4:18 Why and when to have meetings?

6:38 Types of meetings and who should participate

10:02 What topic belongs to which meeting

14:16 How often to have the meetings

18:47 Company's strategy and its place in meetings

20:33 Roles and responsibilities and their effect on the meetings

26:25 Expectations vs deals in the meetings

30:47 Roles during the meeting and the meeting agenda

35:11 How to start meetings

39:38 How to lead the bad news part in the meeting

42:42 What causes the "bad news" in the first place

44:44 A look at the meeting topics and essence

48:10 Concluding the meeting - do's and dont's

51:28 About PPP in the meetings

52:47 Frequent problems concerning meetings

1:00:11 Mārtiņš goes to meet the President.

Welcome to the Inner Power Particles podcast.

We talk with entrepreneurs and leaders about their challenges and lessons learned to grow their inner power. We do this to share their journey and knowledge with you so that you can grow as a leader and a person.


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