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From entrepreneurship to purposeful NGOs, surviving downturns and navigating growth - Anna Andersone and Farhad Niyoz

Updated: May 21

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In this episode, we discuss how Anna switched from running startups to founding two purposeful NGOs - Riga Tech Girls and StartSchool. We explored what each organisation does for its members and the broader society.

But then we went deeper into personal topics and looked at what motivated Anna to venture into this path and how she approached the downturn that followed a fast growth period.

We looked into the organisational topics - what decisions were made and how they were made to ensure the organisation survives the downturn and thrives. And also at the personal topics - how Anna experienced that period and how her insights can support other founders navigating downturns. 

Welcome to the Inner Power Particles podcast.

We talk with entrepreneurs and leaders about their challenges and lessons learned to grow their inner power. We do this to share their journey and knowledge with you so that you can grow as a leader and a person.


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