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Make fear your affiliate and not an enemy! TechChill Keynote by Aleksander Tõnnisson

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Business decisions should be rational, diligent, and brave – or so we’re told. Yet, it doesn’t sound rational to discard 50% of the information when making choices. Let’s take a closer look at what has fear got to do with it and how to access this other (invisible) half.

Keynote was a part of TechChill 2021 TechChill is the leading Baltic tech and startup event, held May 7-21, 2021. The event brought together aspiring startups, international investors, innovative corporations, tech enthusiasts, and inspirational minds from around the world to share their stories and insights.

Aleksander Tõnnisson is the Founding Partner of Cocoon Ventures. He has invested in about 100 startups and was the Managing Partner at Buildit Accelerator & IoT Fund. He is also one of the mentors in Cocoon Program for startup founders. To get support with your biggest business challenge, talk to us!




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