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Trusting the Life - Aleksander Tonnisson - Cocoon Podcast Season 1

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Aleksander Tõnnisson has invested in about 100 startups in his life. Working hard brought him multiple challenges that led him to find his path with heart. Now he is a mentor and public speaker who shared his story and know-how about making decisions that include also listening to your feelings.

"What I believe today is that if you look at the world as something that has an agenda and you are part of that you see that the world tends to guide us and help us. So these things that happen around you a lot of the time are actually the world trying to point your attention in a certain direction.

How it happened with me was that during the busiest time at work and things not working with my wife, we were sued by somebody who bought our apartment and that was a very nasty court case as they froze our assets. So the volume went very loud like the world was saying “If you are not listening, I’m going to talk louder.” The volume became so loud it was impossible not to hear."


The interview was conducted by:

Farhad Niyoz Cocoon CEO. Farhad supports founders’ self-discovery for personal and business growth. A tech-entrepreneur since 2003 with experience in growth, crisis management and exiting. Studies and uses self-discovery and mysticism approach in business and decision-making. Loves nature.

Hristo Neiland Cocoon Mentor. Hristo is mentoring startup founders and athletes to help them grow and achieve their goals. He started competing in sports early in his life - from basketball to disc golf. He has been leading different businesses since 2018 and is currently working alongside Ansis running the Cocoon Program.

If listening your feeling and trusting life connected with you and you'd like to learn more let's schecule a call and see if Cocoon Program could be something for you.





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