Aleksander Tõnnisson



What do you do today?

I’m managing a portfolio of soon-to-be 100+ startups, some of which are more successful, some less, and plenty of flat-out failures.

I’m usually helping startups with motivation, product-market-fit, sales, presenting, and fundraising. And now, I’m stepping up as a mentor in .Cocoon to pay forward the very same experience I had as one of the first participants in the .Cocoon program.I prefer to work with founders interested in entrepreneurship as self-development.

How did you get there?

I like to be around people who have a vision and mission for life. Working for a big corporation in Germany, I felt that the vision was diluted down the hierarchy line, and decision evolved around monetary values. So I decided to create something on my own and surround myself with people I like to be with.


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Tartu, Estonia 2020

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