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.Cocoon Podcast #2 - Hristo Neiland - From sportsmanship to entrepreneurship

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Ansis Farhad Līpenītis, the CEO of .Cocoon interviewed Hristo Neiland, the COO of .Cocoon.

Hristo talks about his childhood and journey of becoming the person he is today. He wanted to become a professional basketball player but after surgery for his ankle he couldn't fulfil his dream. After finding another passion - disc golf - a similar situation happened. This led him to mentoring athletes and from there becoming an entrepreneur and mentoring entrepreneurs.

.Cocoon is a business and personal growth program for startup and scaleup founders. It focuses on finding the link between the founder's business and personal challenges and helping to find the solutions.

Listen to the previous episode of the podcast - an interview with Ansis Farhad Līpenītis.



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