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.Cocoon January newsletter: Where is your focus?

startup founders self-development event

I want to share a recent experience. Last week we were playing a game. When stuck, we could ask for hints. To get the hint, we needed to answer the facilitator’s question. Only if the answer was correct, we get the clue. At one moment, we got so fixated on finding the correct answer that the facilitator said, “Remember that you can progress in the game also without the hint”. So I shifted my focus back to the game itself with the mindset and belief “I can” - and soon found the needed solution to get unstuck. Later, I was stuck again with one of the next steps. I asked the facilitator - how hard is it supposed to be, do I need to "turn around every stone"? He answered that just changing the perspective usually is enough. Plus I remembered about the necessity to believe. Soon after, I resolved what I needed to. Takeaway questions:

  1. Where are you trying to turn around every stone while a simple change in perspective would help instead?

  2. Is your energy focused on the goal or one of the many means?

  3. What is your real goal?

  4. Do you believe you can?

  5. Where are you wasting energy concerning your goals?

Best regards, Ansis Lipenitis

.Cocoon CEO


#7 .Cocoon Podcast - Fears that are actually illusions

Fear is one of the most common emotions that affect behaviour - it stops people from saying and doing what they want. Ansis and Hristo talk about how looking into your fear and understanding it, can help you to achieve more and live more fulfilled life.

Two unexpected ways how love can create tensions at the workplace

As a CEO or team leader, you want to understand what’s happening when weird stuff starts to happen. Some tensions are up, but the reasons said don’t feel the actual causes.

Marcel Gasser: "It's impossible to get to know who you truly are without meditation."

sTARTUp Day made an interview with .Cocoon mentor Marcel. They spoke about meditation, happiness, Ayahuasca and much more.

#6 Cocoon Podcast - Approval Seeking

Approval seeking is a pattern of thoughts where all the decisions start with looking for what others want. The desired outcome is that people will like me. Because when I am liked = I am a good person = I am allowed to feel good about myself also.

Take action!

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Ping me or my partner Hristo Neiland to discuss how to resolve your challenges and grow your company. Ansis Lipenitis CEO of .Cocoon Program +371 2 658 9196 | | Linkedin



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