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Becoming a better COO, father, and fiance while following a passion - Roman Gnibida, COO of Stebby

Updated: Feb 26

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To be an entrepreneur - parent means to constantly search for a balance between your work, your life and your wife. You know that you are in trouble when your daughter says: “Dad is spending more time with colleagues than us” but often the passion and drive for career development is so big that you miss out on learning how to be a part of the family.

In this episode, Cocoon Program CEO Farhad Niyoz talks with the COO of Stebby Roman Gnibida. Roman begins the conversation by telling a story of turning his vision from becoming a Russian language teacher to finding himself in the COO position of a startup and eventually buying it out from its founder. Their conversation explores the differences between the roles of COO and CEO, bringing up Roman’s insights into effectively dividing responsibilities and tasks within Stebby’s organizational framework.

He opens up about the topic of being a passionate entrepreneur and eventually losing energy when it comes to family life. Roman tells his experience and key moments that opened his eyes to becoming a better parent as well as shares practical advice on how to approach work-life balance and bring colors back to the relationship without letting work dominate personal space.

Overview of the topics: 00:30 Welcome COO of Stebby Roman Gnibida

1:58 Dealing with unknown - buying out Stebby

8:10 Explaining the process of Stebby MBO experience

10:43 Growing confidence by gaining knowledge as a startupper

11:54 Importance of startup environment

13:30 Key differences between COO and CEO purpose

19:20 Moving to Tartu with no language and culture understanding

22:55 Balancing work - sports - startup - family

25:31 Importance of dividing focus in relationships

28:12 Lessons from three-year growth as a father and partner

32:23 Entrepreneurs advice on relationship and parenthood

34:44 How to manage your negative thoughts and inner pressure

38:28 Constant learning how to be a part of the family

41:18 How to bringing back colors to relationship

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Farhad Niyoz is the CEO of Cocoon.




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