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Tartu, Estonia 2019

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Mentoring Event 26.-27. January 2020

Startup founders - participate in a limited (30 seats total) .Cocoon Founders psychology mentoring event. Join the founders from Click & Grow, GlobalReader, Fitlap, SportID, and several dozen mentors-entrepreneurs from various countries. 

Founders Day 26. January

  9.00 Intro 

  9.30 1st session
14.00 Lunch

15.00 2nd session
19.00 Dinner

.Cocoon Day 27. January

  9.00 Intro

  9.30 1st session

13.00 Lunch

14.00 2nd session

18.00 Closing

Each Mentoring event has a specific focus on a topic relevant to the problems startup founders face in their everyday job. But to keep the participants' minds open, we will not reveal the topic before the event. 

The event consists of action games, group sessions, sharing knowledge and feedback!

The first day - Founders Day - focuses on action-based learning. It consists of fun activities mixed with a lot of stress. The next day - .Cocoon Day - is for analyzing with mentors the behavioral patterns that came up during previous days.

Before you come to the event think about the biggest problems you are struggling with. Is it a recurring challenge? Is it about a specific relationship or situation? You don't need to write it down, just think about what would you like to find answers to.

Event fee: € 600 + VAT

Limited to 30 founders. Deadline 10.01.2020.

Who and how can apply?

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