Founders' Psychology Mentoring Event August 17-18


Recently there have been several new COVID-19 cases in Tartu. This has put us into a situation, where we need to be extra careful, and with responsibility towards our community, we have decided to call off the next .Cocoon Founders' Psychology Mentoring Event on August 17-18.


The event is designed to support you in learning how your perception is holding you back from achieving your goals. It is for those who want to thoroughly speed up their self-discovery process and gain clarity to grow their company. 

Join the other founders and mentors-entrepreneurs from various countries. The number of seats is limited to 30 founders. This time the event takes place both on-site and online.

Founders Day

August 17

10.00 Intro 

10.20 1st session
11.50 Lunch break

12.30 2nd session

17.00 Closing

.Cocoon Day 

August 18

10.00 Intro 

10.30 1st session
14.00 Lunch break

14.40 2nd session

17.30 Closing

Why are the founders joining our events?


Some founders know well what they want to achieve and would like to use support in getting there; some founders cannot verbalize what they are looking for, but they have a feeling that can be expressed. The event is designed to support you to learn new things about yourself and find answers to your questions, which are in the form of feelings or needs. 


Feelings: You might feel that something is missing or not adding up, something is wrong with your relationship with yourself or your company, therefore things don't feel right, you feel there must be something more to your work and life. 


Goals: You want to speed up your self-discovery, gain more clarity on how to grow your company, and become a better leader.

Event plan 

The event consists of action games, group sessions, sharing knowledge, and feedback.


The first day - Founders Day 

  • Focuses on action-based learning and creating bonds between the participants. 

  • It consists of fun activities mixed with a lot of stress and uncertainty. 

The second day - .Cocoon Day 

  • Group mentoring day: group of 5-6 founders and several mentors analyze each founder's challenges, to find the link from the business challenge to the founder's personal challenges and perception, to support the founder to learn what is truly holding him or her back. 

  • Here we also use the behavioral patterns that came up during the previous day. 

Before you come to the event, think about the biggest problems you are struggling with. Is it a recurring challenge? Is it about a specific relationship or situation?

Are you willing to speed up your self-discovery and gain clarity for growing your business? 


Event fee:

600 € + VAT for on-site event.

300 € + VAT for online event.

Limited to 30 founders. Deadline August 7

On-site event location: Tartu, Estonia 

Online event location: Zoom

Who and how can apply?

Some of the participants from the previous events

Indrek Jaal

GlobalReader founder, CEO

Heikki Mägi

Fitlap co-founder, CEO

Hanna Talving co-founder, CEO

Marti Soosaar

SportID co-founder, CEO


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