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Redefining Founder Purpose, Company Growth, And Investor Expectations - Tommi Ullgrén, Co-Founder ATRA Innovations, Cocoon Program mentor

Updated: Feb 26

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What if burnout leads you to ego death and lack of clarity on your purpose? Will other stakeholders understand you? Is your new idea of how things work is the right one and others are missing out on it? Or maybe it opens up an opportunity for inner growth and lessons that need to be learned so that you can share them afterward with people around you…

In this episode, Cocoon Program CEO Farhad Niyoz talks with Cocoon Program mentor and co-founder of ATRA Innovations Tommi Ullgrén. Expect to hear a bit different conversation than the usual entrepreneurship talk between two wise minds. Tommi shares his experience with burnout and mental crisis and how it has been the second-best thing that has happened in his life. He opens up about different principles and ideas on how to redefine inner purpose while keeping up with the entrepreneurial path of life, what are the two most common paths of entrepreneurs, and what loopholes to avoid when committing to them. He also gives many practical ideas on how to balance inner peace with company growth and expectations from investors. While listening be ready to reflect on your journey and take some notes on the important but undervalued topics of emotions, passion, and reality you have defined for yourself.

Overview of the topics: 0:30 Welcome Cocoon Program mentor, Co-Founder of ATRA Innovations Tommi Ullgrén

2:10 What is ATRA - Advanced Technology Research Alliance

4:03 Turning burnout into a self-awareness journey

5:50 Tommi key principles as a mentor

7:37 Being a mentor - being there for others

9:26 Fulfiling inner IKIGAI with mentorship

10:44 Exploring two paths of being an entrepreneur

12:05 Path one: Impact entrepreneurship - juggling between purpose and opportunities

13:22 Finding your WHY with inner growth

15:47 Redefining startupper success and failure

18:43 Path two: The main loophole with a profit-oriented mindset

20:59 Finding a balance between inner purpose, company growth, and investor expectations

23:48 How to experience support and funding without giving away the company at the end

26:32 The undervalued importance of emotions, passion, joy, and love

30:35 Exploring the tricky human nature of fear of confrontation

33:10 Key difference between psychotherapy and mentorship

34:29 Practical advice on how to grow your self-awareness

36:39 Sharing different concepts of inner wisdom

38:15 What is synchronicity and the purpose of it?

39:50 Tommi's experience with cooperating with different belief systems

41:27 Advice on self-development - how to appreciate the crisis you are going through

45:43 Talking with your inner elves: Healing practice of sauna

Welcome to the Inner Power Particles podcast. Here we talk with entrepreneurs and leaders about their challenges and lessons learned to improve their inner strength. We do this to share their journey and knowledge with you so that you can improve as a leader and a person. Resources: To learn more useful tools for CEOs and C-level managers ➡️


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Farhad Niyoz is the CEO of Cocoon.




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