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How to get unstuck and improve your business traction? [Process for cofounders or management team]

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

How to get unstuck and improve your business traction?

Doing this process with your cofounders twice a year will give you most of the answers you need!

Company's performance = sum of cofounders and management team's strengths and shortcomings. To know what's slowing traction, learn the executives' shortcomings and how they interact.

Here's the full description of the process.

1. Arrange a 2-hour session

Who participates:

  • Your cofounders and C-level executives

  • Plus 2-3 more people with good knowledge about you and who feel safe talking openly. E.g., your other executives, investors, and mentors.

Then, for each cofounder and C-level executive go through this process:

2. The participant tells the group:

What are your 3 main dreams/goals at work?

And 3 outside work?

Note: You can agree on the time-scope or leave it open. E.g., once a year, you could discuss this with a three year horizon, and once a quarter with a 3-month horizon.

3. Make a 1-minute silence when each group member intends to feel the answers to the following 4 questions.

4. Each group member shares answers to these 4 questions:

When I reflect on your goals, I feel…

I feel your untapped strengths that can help to reach those goals are…

I feel your shortcomings that stand in your way are…

I feel the interaction with the management colleagues slows you down regarding these goals in such a way…

This process will give you more clarity on the root causes of your obstacles and how to resolve the challenges.

Worksheets template to support the process: 📝 Template

Pro tips

  1. The one who shared your goals, write down what you hear and don't comment on it.

  2. Once you share your goals, remain silent.

  3. Don't do this process in writing. Speaking is important. The worksheets are only for gathering thoughts on what to share.

  4. Take action. Once you've heard the others' input, act upon it. Information is useless if you don't put it into practice.

Need support on how to put it into practice? Reach out to us!


Farhad Niyoz is the CEO of Cocoon.




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