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.Cocoon Podcast #1 - Farhad Niyoz - How Cocoon supports founders personal and business growth

Updated: Jun 9

Essays by Farhad:

How to build great cofounders' relationships starting from yourself

Finding your purpose as an entrepreneur


Farhad is the CEO of .Cocoon that supports founders' self-discovery for personal and business growth through mentoring and investing.

When there is a challenge at the business level – we support our clients

1. To find the link between the business challenge and their personalities and personal challenges;

2. And to bring forth personal changes that, as a result, create changes in the business.

If you are a founder or a business leader - let's talk and see if we can support you in solving your biggest business or personal challenge!

.Cocoon is part of .Contriber - a group of companies that supports self-discovery for businesses, individuals and children.


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