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Mastering the CEO Mindset: Turning Annual Revenue into a Monthly Number with Value Driven Leadership

Updated: Feb 26

What happens when the meaning of the term CEO changes from waiting for promotion to becoming one by stepping up yourself?

What if you feel that you should lead the people, and turning annual revenue into a monthly number is right there in your vision?

In today's episode, Farhad Niyoz talks with the founder and CEO of Jobilla Henri Nordström. They talk about Henris' journey of taking an important step and becoming the CEO. Misconceptions about the startup's purpose and why creating value is more important than exiting the company. Henri also shares his key lessons as a CEO who focuses on self-development and practical ideas for CEOs to transform their inner power.

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Overview of the topics: 00:45 Welcome CEO of Jobilla Henri Nordström

01:01 Becoming a Co-founder for already existing company

03:10 Breaking misconception about early startup exit

04:23 Changing focus from exiting to building

05:28 Why "creating value” is not just a beautiful wording

06:28 Becoming a CEO by speaking up in a meeting

10:13 Self-reflection: Past 8 years

12:27 Decision making: Consensus vs Final Word

14:20 How to build self-belief

16:13 Finding balance between gut feeling and market signals

19:01 Inner work

22:06 Supporting your personal growth with business

23:20 Value and potential

24:48 Henri's suggestions for self-development

27:07 Creating business with purpose to help people

29:43 Jobilla success story

30:58 Jobilla - changing the world of recruiting

32:46 Message to strugling CEOs

36:22 Talking revenue growth

36:54 The journey is not finished

37:34 Inner Power Particles Welcome to Inner Power Particles podcast. Here we talk with entrepreneurs and leaders about their challenges and lessons learned to improve their inner strength. We do this to share their journey and knowledge with you so that you can improve as a leader and a person. Resources: To learn more useful tools for CEOs and C-level managers ➡️


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Farhad Niyoz is the CEO of Cocoon.




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