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Key Lessons On Separating Identity From Behaviour - Tommi Siro, Co-Founder & CGO of Jobilla

Updated: Feb 26

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Imagine one morning waking up on the military campus and seeing 160 people laughing at you - their supposed leader. Should you run away and pretend nothing ever happened? Should you tell yourself that this is not for you and it is time to move on? Or maybe sit down for a moment, admit the brutal truth, and turn it into the most valuable leadership journey of your life? 

In this episode, Cocoon Program CEO Farhad Niyoz talks with Tommi Siro, Co-Founder and CGO of Jobilla. Tommi opens up about making a historical embarrassment of himself while serving in the mandatory military and how many lessons he took from it to his entrepreneurship journey as a co-founder. Learn about The Stockdale Paradox and the key steps to becoming a leader that others want to follow. Tommi also shares his experience with mentorship and advice for CEOs facing a crisis or as Tommi sees them - brutal facts.

Overview of the topics: 01:10 Welcome Co-Founder and CGO of Jobilla Tommi Siro

2:35 Turning embarrassment around: Tommi's story of messing up badly in the military

9:42 How to approach major mistakes and turn them around

13:06 Key steps to becoming a leader that others want to follow

18:57 Undeniable impact of loving parenthood

22:29 Why and How: Transforming shortcomings into strength

27:51 How honesty and carelessness might be the key to building self-awareness

32:13 Desensitizing confrontation: Seeking WHY behind every argument

35:26 The Stockdale Paradox: Leadership growth with honesty and gratitude

40:26 Advice for crises: Face the brutal facts, take action accordingly

43:04 Using mentorship to expand your bubbles and views

47:58 Correlation between mental resilience, simplicity, and happiness

Welcome to Inner Power Particles podcast. Here we talk with entrepreneurs and leaders about their challenges and lessons learned to improve their inner strength. We do this to share their journey and knowledge with you so that you can improve as a leader and a person. Resources: To learn more useful tools for CEOs and C-level managers ➡️


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Farhad Niyoz is the CEO of Cocoon.




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