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.Cocoon September newsletter: Underused power move

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

A proper vacation is one of the most powerful moves a founder can make.

The benefits, additionally to recharging, are

  • Unplug from your everyday matrix and detach from your business. You are not your startup

  • Connect with “why” - the purpose of doing the business and its meaning for your life benefits

  • See the bigger picture

  • Get fresh, unexpected ideas

  • Let the team rest from you.

What is a proper vacation?

  • Away from your habitual surroundings

  • No computer

  • No access to work email and Slack

  • No business literature

  • No dense schedule of “100 things to see, things to do”

  • Yes to nature

  • Yes to physical activities

  • Yes to immersing in the art of various forms.

Plan so that after the “full vacation”, you have at least a few days of “semi-vacation”. Then you gradually get back to work by focusing on vision and strategy. Still no involvement in operations.

After you have gained some detachment, reflect and journal on one question. "If my teammates are a reflection of what's going on in my subconscious - what can I learn about my wants, needs and personality?"


Jin Han: "Founders Investors will invest in"

There are many factors, of course, but it boils down to the most important aspect: the founders’ psychology. Or the mindset. Many times, the biggest barrier to the growth of a business is the founders themselves

.Cocoon Ventures made 150 000 € investment at sTARTUp Day

.Cocoon Ventures awarded two winners of the sTARTUp Day Pitching competition on 27-28 August with 75 000 € investments. The winning founders of startups VSight and Adact will also join .Cocoon Program.

Take action!

Join the next Founders online mentoring group that starts in September. Only 5 seats available. Deadline for application 24th of September!

"The group opened up some new pathways in the thought process of oneself. It was a relaxing environment where you can lower your guard and recognize problems that are not obvious when living your everyday life. Mentors were very caring, thoughtful and gave very valuable feedback and advice."

- Mart Suurkask, CEO of Bercman Technologies

To explore this and other ways we can support you, ping me or .Cocoon COO Hristo Neiland today!

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