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.Cocoon participants learned about intelligent co-operation!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

During the hottest days in July, a group of startup founders from all over Europe gathered in Tartu, Estonia to take part in .Cocoon de-accelerator program Training Event! We spend most of our lives interacting with people in one way or another, but we mostly don’t know what it means to relate. Whether at the level of business or family life, managing relationships takes skill and practice. Intelligent co-operation is one of the key factors of startup success.

The training event was led by Elizabeth Schnugh from the South African Republic.These days I very seldom work with businesses as such, rather preferring to work with individuals who have discovered that academic schooling has given them a good life and/but have found that not withstanding this, they still feel incomplete, unfulfilled in some way. It is at this point that individuals will go seeking the true education that they lacked - and this is where ISM (Institute for the Study of Man) comes in. It is a very individual choice to be made to turn inwards for answers.“

The .Cocoon program participants were guided through the 3-day Training Event to see the others as a reflection of their behavior, a mirror that supports them to improve the quality of their relationships and business, by changing their own behavior and thus themselves. They learned the difference in approaches between men and women and the power that lies within that, including how to use it; how to handle their emotions effectively, stop compromising themselves and to grow from conflict.

„To transfer this approach over to a business training course, it presupposes that the business individuals too have found this gap in their experience and are willing to open up to the new,“ said Elizabeth. „This is risky as it may not be what they need at that moment. Because I have worked with Rein Lemberpuu at an individual level over some years now, I trusted that this group he had assembled for a training program may well be open to what we at ISM have to share. Any expectations I may have had in this regard were pleasantly surpassed!“

.Cocoon program is for startup founders who are interested in personal growth and see the value of self hack and how this is an amazing opportunity to grow your startup.

„What I found was a group of people who were/are willing to be open to something new, to reserve their judgment until they put the practical tools of relationship provided into practice. Follow up assignments are showing a keen grasp of the material, so much so that we would be more than happy to be of further support to Rein and his endeavors, should the opportunity arise in the future,“ said Elizabeth about the group of founders selected to the .Cocoon program.

The next .Cocoon event is in September. Deadline for applying is on 1st of September. Read more about requirements from .Cocoon website!


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