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Founders found out about their behavioural patterns

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

On 13th to 14th of May Contriber organized .Cocoon Mentoring Event for startup founders.

On Monday group of 30 people combined with participatns, mentors and organizers gathered at the Tartu Railway Station to take a train to woods where Contriber had put together a route with many different challenges the teams needed to solve. The tasks were challenging, half of the time it was raining and the action points were quite hidden in the woods. All that put enough stress on the participants to bring out their team player skills and of course a lot of fun!

The day started with a challenge to get across the river on a slackline. One by one all the team members needed to go (you could actually fall into river if not careful enough!) and then they could go on to the woods to find the challenges by a map.

On the second day mentors and participants analysed yesterdays behaviours and respective situations. Working with these observations and putting them into the context of their daily challenges in the company gives new perspectives to address their leadership approach and bring about the changes when necessary.

Sessions were conducted in small groups and mentors were of support to bring to the surface behavioural patterns, habits and attitudes they use in their everyday life – both in personal and business relationships.

„This is my third time at the .Cocoon program event and I like it a lot! The first day is usually for games and how people behave during the games brings out pretty well how they actually manage their company and what kind of people they are,“ said founder Heikki Mägi. „I really like to find those connections. I recognize my own behavioural patterns and I am always surprised that this is exactly how I act as a leader as well!“.

.Cocoon has been looking for diversity in mentors' cultural backgrounds and in fields of expertise but most importantly how they approach the topic of mentoring. All the mentors have the knowledge about how humans operate and also experience in entrepreneurship and mentoring, but their methods and approaches can be very different and enriching.

All .Cocoon program participants meet in Tartu three times a year for Mentoring Event and once more for Training Event. Each founder has a personal mentor to have bi-weekly calls or meetings which is sometimes combined with shadow mentoring concept to bring more dynamics into sessions. Personal and group work together gives a good combination of interactions that can bring out different aspects of mentorship and makes it truly unique program to experience.


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