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.Cocoon focuses on founders' personal development

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Cocoon’s innovative and unique approach focuses on founders’ personal development instead of a company. By changing the attitude of a founder, the organization will grow as well. Startups face different problems that need solutions on a daily basis – conflicts in the team, finding investors, slow growth of sales etc. Some problems will be solved easily, others tend to stay and seem too complicated to manage.

The aim of Cocoon’s program is to help startups grow and founders to develop accordingly. The program start with a business problem and then they help participants to find the connection between a business problem and their personal problem.

Finding solutions and different perspectives to problems might not be an easy task for a beginner entrepreneur. The worries they have are not always understood by team members or friends since they are not dealing with the similar matter. The only ones who understand these challenges and can provide different perspectives are those who are in the same position.

The program pairs a startup founder with a suitable mentor for one-on-one consultations as well creates the opportunity to network with other mentors and founders in joint events. .Cocoon is not a local program and participation is open for founders from around the world. Business development happens through developing the founders' psychology and perspectives.

In Cocoon, lots of emphasis are put on the mentors and their benefits. In addition to giving back to the community, the mentors have an opportunity to get a share either from the revenue growth or from increase of the company value. Matching a mentor with an entrepreneur is a mutual agreement: mentor should feel that he has something to offer to the founder and they should see that the mentor is a good match for bring out new perspectives while solving the problems.

There is a wide variety of different mentors in the program: professional leadership coaches, board members, personal development and HR experts, psychologists and even business angles. All of them are chosen by Rein Lemberpuu, based on their ability to approach the founders’ development from a scientific – psychological and neuroscientific – point view as well as considering personal experiences, religion and paranormal world.

Article is referred from sTARTUp Day blog.


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