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.Cocoon December newsletter: You are not a mistake. You are light

Who are you?

We believe we want to succeed because we are entrepreneurs and leaders. That's what we are supposed to want. On a deeper level, some of us have forgotten that we think we must succeed because otherwise… our biggest fears might turn out to be true. What fears? The core beliefs that come from our inner child's wounds. I don't deserve love. I am bad. I am a disappointment. I am not needed. I am a mistake… Some examples of core wound beliefs. If I can succeed, then I can prove that I am not that belief. Right? Wrong. External success will not clear those beliefs. I invite you to go a level deeper during these holidays:

  1. Watch something that touches your feelings. For example, the movie "It's a wonderful life, 1946" or the ballet "Nutcracker."

  2. Let the emotions flow.

  3. Ask yourself - what's my core wound belief? Accept the feelings and thoughts that come.

  4. Look for the truth and ask - if I am not that (the core wound belief), then who am I? Get this question to sink in deep. Wait for the answer. It will be a word or a symbol.

  5. Once you get the answer, root yourself into it. Let it be the new lighthouse for your soul.

You might uncover that you are also... light. And your company is the beacon through which your light shines and creates. You don't need success to become who you already are. I am grateful to our team, mentors and clients for this year's journey and experiences. I remember the meetings and events we've had with warmth, and I am humbled and moved by the depth of human experiences we've witnessed this year. I wish you many blessings in 2022! Ansis, CEO of .Cocoon P.S. 8 last tickets remain for the next .Cocoon Training days. 30 founders and business leaders will start the journey out of their matrix early next year. Will you be there?


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Aleksander Tõnnisson - Three In Bed │ sTARTUp Day 2021

What we see in .Cocoon Program while working with founders is that whatever happens in your work or romantic relationship, will appear in your other relationship as well. So if you solve challenges in your romantic relationship, you will solve them in the work relationship as well.

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Sam Teden │ .Cocoon Workshop: Invisible traits needed for raising a VC round

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Aleksander Tõnnisson │ .Cocoon Workshop: Invisible traits needed for raising a VC round

The question is how to stop the invisible traits, which are stopping you from raising the investment. So what is the real challenge?

Productivity hack for depressive mood

Use this simple hack to regain your productivity when depressed or stuck.

Take action!

Join the next Training Days on 10-11 February! 30 founders and 20 mentors will meet in Tartu to step out of their matrix and reshape the next years of their businesses and lives. .Cocoon Training Days helped to bring my attention to something I am not seeing myself - something that is stopping me from moving forward. I like that .Cocoon is not only business-focused, but also personally focused - that is usually the root of business problems. I have been attending regular business training events but .Cocoon Training Days was level higher. - Ainars Klavins. Overly co-founder, CEO To explore this and other ways we can support you, ping me or .Cocoon COO Hristo Neiland today! Ansis Lipenitis CEO of .Cocoon Program +371 2 658 9196 | | Linkedin


.Cocoon supports founders' self-discovery for personal and business growth through mentoring and investing.

When there is a challenge at the business level – we support our clients

1. To find the link between the business challenge and their personalities and personal challenges;

2. And to bring forth personal changes that, as a result, create changes in the business.

If you are a founder or a business leader - let's talk!



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