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Founders’ Day

9 November 2022

You are here because someone thought you might benefit from this experience.

.Cocoon Founders' Day in Helsinki

25 scaleup founders will gather in Helsinki, to focus on their active challenges. Whether it is business or personal, this event is designed for you to get more clarity and find solutions.

You will be guided by scaleup mentors & coaches who specialize in founder psychology and have personal experience in business and leadership.

Do you feel you could become better?

Learn to lead your team to exponential growth.

Handle uncertainty with confidence.

Get clarity on your business strategy.

What changes do you desire?

If you don't have challenges, close this tab. 

If you know you could grow, learn more.


Ville Simola.png

Ville Simola

CEO of Maria 01

I’m joining the Cocoon event because of many good recommendations from my network. My goal is to meet like-minded peers and to get concrete advice on developing myself as a leader and as an individual.

Nordström, Henri .png

Henri Nordström

CEO & Co-founder of Jobilla

On Founders’ Day, I will share my journey and I am happy to contribute to this event as I have received from .Cocoon much more than an invoice can cover. I really want to give back with my support.

Read Jobilla's case study with .Cocoon


Afternoon 1 PM

Let's look at your business from a new perspective. This exclusive event is only for people who have a curiosity about life, business and themselves.

As this is an event for experienced entrepreneurs you will learn to see your business challenges from a different perspective that helps to find solutions faster. 

What do you struggle with the most? Sales, fundraising or team? Let's tackle it.


After four hours of self-discovery and networking, you are invited to join a fine dinner with participants and mentors. The official dinner ends at 8 PM but everyone is welcome to stay for longer to network and enjoy the evening.

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.Cocoon Founders' Day is for growth company executives who want to become better leaders.

Growth companies' minimum Annual Revenue is over €500 000 or they have raised €3M+.

This event is for CEOs and they need to fill out the application. Other C-level positions are also welcome to join the CEO of their company.



.Cocoon Ventures will sponsor 25 tickets for scaleup founders. For those selected founders, the ticket is free of charge.


Sponsored tickets will be only for qualified founders:

  • interested in self-development

  • Annual Revenue €500 000+ or they have raised €3M+.

After you have filled out the application we will contact you to let you know if you are chosen to be part of the .Cocoon Founders' Day.

The deadline for filling out the application is the 25th of October.



Rein Lemberpuu

I see true knowledge as a personal experience and personal power as result of impeccable execution in all daily matters. 

Mentor's story
Interview video
Rotko, Janne (1).png

We broke 500K in monthly revenue now in September. When we first met with .Cocoon about 9 months ago, our monthly revenue record was 230K. It has been an excellent year for us and we feel that .Cocoon has helped us a lot in our growth story, thank you!

Janne Rotko, Jobilla co-founder & CFO

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Apply for a sponsored free ticket by .Cocoon Ventures

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