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.Cocoon Ventures invests only in founders interested in self-development.

We search for teams who are committed to self-growth and are coachable. All portfolio companies must participate in the Cocoon full program.


Round details

Our ticket size is from 25k - 150k depending on your stage and the appropriate mentoring program plan. Part of the investment comes in the form of cash, and the other part covers the program costs. Prices of the mentoring plans eligible for the investment range from 12k - 60k for the full 12 months program depending on team size.

We prefer an early-exit strategy, thus we invest with a three- to five-year horizon. We see mainly three exit routes: trade sale, selling shares to other investors, or the management buyout (selling shares back to founders).

We prefer investing in 

A. Post-revenue startups, 
     and also

B. Pre-revenue startups with a monthly burn rate of 30k - 50k,
and at least a 6-9 months runway.


It would be good if your HQ is registered in the EU.


You should be raising seed, bridge, or pre-series-A round. Cocoon will assist in preparing the team for an A round with the help of our program and funding.


The investments team


Aleksander Tõnnisson

Founding Partner 

.Cocoon is all about growing your personal power, and with the Cocoon Ventures, we give an extra push for your company as well.


Rein Lemberpuu

Founding Partner

I believe that all great leaders have great mentors and .Cocoon is the best framework for founders and mentors joining into one team.


Rain Kivisik

Founding Partner

I am fulfilling the role of a mentor every day as an angel investor. Even if I enjoy it as an add-on to my investment strategy, then it can be done much more professionally and .Cocoon is excellent in filling that gap for me.


Hristo Neiland

Venture Partner

I believe that all our barriers are made by ourselves, therefore with proper support, we can also take them down.


Riin Lisett Rei


+372 59086451

I see the value .Cocoon program brings to its participants - a life-changing mindset that will help them succeed in life, both professionally and personally.


Ansis Lipenitis

Venture Partner

I enjoy supporting entrepreneurs and leaders in their path to the True Self, wellbeing, and success. 

Getting in touch


We can be a good match if your startup fits the above-described criteria and you as a founder want to work on self-development.

.Cocoon Ventures made its first investment in 2021. Here are all the portfolio companies:

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