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Greatness Training Days 

For CEOs and management teams

August 16-17, Riga


Fully booked.

If, however, life happens, and anyone can't make it due to force majeure, you'll be the first in line to step in.

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tackling complex challenges

2 days of  


For whom

Two powerful days with Cocoon mentors for leaders like you - CEOs, co-founders, and C-level executives, who see the value in personal growth.

Why attend

Find the deeper root causes of your challenges and gain clarity to solve the causes instead of going in circles with symptoms. 

The participants of previous Training days have addressed:

Business challenges - Sales, traction and product-market fit issues, Fundraising challenges.

Founders and Team challenges - Co-founders misalignment, Underperformance, Conflicts. 

Personal challenges - Lack of time and overload, Burnout concerns, Insufficient leadership abilities, Difficulty making decisions, No enthusiasm, Unclear vision, Unhappy at work, Self-doubt and self-esteem issues.

By confronting these issues, participants have gained:

  • Insight into the real sources of their challenges

  • Clarity for strategy and focus areas

  • Better self-awareness and renewed motivation.

Read their stories.

Hands Reaching

How it works

The 1st day│Professional Growth

We've curated two distinct tracks for you​

Solo track for 1-2 participants from a company to grow your individual professional power.
Learn more about the Solo track

Team track for 3-5 participants from a company to strengthen your team's power and alignment.

Learn more about the Team track.

The day's journey starts at 9:00 am and ends at 7:00 pm. But the conversations don't end there - we'll gather for dinner to continue sharing insights and experiences.

The 2nd day│ Personal Growth

Your day will be filled with impactful group mentoring sessions in small groups with other participants, guided by Cocoon mentors. Get a glimpse of what it feels like from this panel from Techchill 2023

The day will start at 9:00 am and end at 7:00 pm.

Unwind & networking

Intense work with your inner world requires time to unwind. We will meet for a dinner to relax, network, and share stories with each other.


Stories of previous participants


Andris Merkulovs

CEO of Monetizer

Last summer, my co-founder and I joined Cocoon's Training Days. Despite different teams and locations, it was an amazing experience. We engaged in activities, debates, and explored leadership. During the session, I discovered the power of vulnerability. Sharing my weaknesses led to remarkable results and improved teamwork. It was a revelation. Founders often face similar challenges. Reflect on your motivations and strive to become a better person for yourself, your team, and your vision.


Ranno Käomägi

CEO of Remato

Cocoon group mentoring has been ridiculously effective for me. Every session I discovered many unknown unknowns about myself and got deep insights from multiple perspectives that boosted the process of solving my personal and business challenges.


Olari Tõnison

CEO & Co-Founder of Outl1ne

I joined Cocoon Training Days to learn more about myself - how to be happier and more successful. During those two intensive days, I was able to meet wonderful people with somewhat similar problems and I was able to clear up some of the mess that was going on in my mind. Thank you!


Zigmunds Vikis

CEO of Protectum

The format of Cocoon Training Days is good. It opens up and engages different people for one task in a short time. The most valuable aspect for me is to see myself through the eyes of the other founders.


Sven Veskioja

COO of Eyevi Technologies

I joined because I've heard good things about Cocoon Training Days.
I learned that others can have similar problems as I have. My thinking has definitely changed.

The experience was good - I feel a bit drained, but happy that I got this experience. Let's go to work and put these experiences into our life.


Allan Tatter

CTO & Co-Founder of Outl1ne

My co-founder sold me the idea to take part in Cocoon Training Days. It was organized very well and I'm pleased that the experience was as good as I was hoping. And I was hoping a lot! :) Really great was that I was pulled out from the game and I got immediate feedback during the game and I could change my behaviour and see right then how that affected the team dynamic.


Discover, learn, and grow, supported by our mindful 100% money-back guarantee.



Two-day training and one follow-up mentoring session post-event.



Two-day training and two post-event mentoring sessions for sustained growth.

Included in the price: 2-day program; lunch and dinner on both days.

Not included: accommodation. Please ask us for recommendations about accommodation.


*These prices are for attending the event for the first time. If this is not your first time at Growth Training Days, please contact our team for prices and registration.

*VAT is added on top of all the prices, if applicable. 

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Join the waiting list

To ensure a personal approach and high quality, we limit the event to 40 participants.

The event is fully booked. If, however, life happens, and anyone can't make it due to force majeure, you'll be the first in line to step in - so join the waiting list

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