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Using Body Intelligence and Financial Abundance to Unleash Success

Masterclass by Swiss entrepreneur and mentor Marcel Gasser to support you in creating a successful financial mentality.

August 15th 2023, Riga

@TechHub Riga, 15:00 


Led by Marcel Gasser 

Meet Marcel, an entrepreneur whose life changed dramatically in 2014 when a brain tumor altered his path. Overcoming this challenge fueled his passion for entrepreneurship and gave him a new purpose in life.

Since 2015, Marcel has achieved remarkable success in helping others scale their ventures. He has become a guiding light for unlocking true potential and has supported the growth of several successful companies, raising over EUR 10+ million for various ventures.

Today, he focuses on living life to the fullest and embracing the journey towards authentic potential. As a business angel and coach, he continues to inspire and empower others, sharing his wisdom and experiences. His passion also lies in nurturing growth through the home of growth,, a project close to his heart.

In this Masterclass we will cover

For whom is this masterclass?

This masterclass is for people, who are 

1. leading a business or a team;
2. want to improve their financial wellbeing;
3. want to grow as humans.


Entrepreneurs about Marcel


Mihkel Trei

CEO of (at time of mentoring)

Marcel seems to have a totally different new perspective on things. He has approached things from angles I don't even know that I haven't thought of.


Kyle Dine

CEO of EqualEats

Marcel was such a breath of fresh air. He helped me realize that the business itself is a series of levers that can all be figured out. But the most impact comes from a high function person controlling them.


Tom Brooke

CEO & Founder of Qurate

Marcel is a super compassionate human being who very much lives by his feelings and intuition. He’s sharp, has a huge network, and acts fast if he thinks he can help in any way. The quality and caliber of the people he’s introduced me to is out of this world. Like attracts like as they say.


Farhad Niyoz

CEO of Cocoon

Picture this: You're taking off on a plane during a cloudy day. As you rise above the clouds, you find clear, blue skies. Suddenly, your thoughts are just as clear, full of vision and opportunity. This is the feeling you get when talking to Marcel. He helps clear the fog, brings lightness and shows you opportunities where you might have seen only challenges. Each session with Marcel has been a step forward for me, and I highly recommend him.


Early bird prices till August 4. 

Discover, learn, and grow, supported by our mindful 100% money-back guarantee.

Included in the price: Masterclass, snacks & refreshers.

*If you are Cocoon Program client - discount applies, please contact us.
*VAT is added on top of all the prices, if applicable. 

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