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Training Days

10-11 August, 2022

Intense Training Days to resolve complicated challenges:

Learn the causes of your business challenges.

Get new perspectives for faster growth

Find unexpected solutions to get results

10-11 August 2022, Estonia

This event is exclusive to 40 founders, joined by mentors -entrepreneurs from various countries. 


View the previous participants here

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10 August│Founders Day

An intense and active simulation of the entrepreneur's journey with enough stress to uncover your behavioural patterns.


The aim is to loosen your natural defences. Your most common behavioural patterns will come out, and the connections between your behaviour and the business challenge become visible.


This day gives you deep insight into how you act and react to different stimulus. As you will work with other founders, you will also learn a lot by observing others 

11 August│ .Cocoon Day

You will experience the level of openness and depth between the founders that is unimaginable for those who have not been with us before. In a group of 6 founders and 3 mentors, you will go through 1-hour growth-seat session with each founder.


The aim is for you to uncover the deepest reasons for your challenge. 

Unwind & networking │ .Cocoon Networking

As part of the experience, we urge you to accept all the opportunities life presents. Drinks, networking, and sharing stories with other founders and mentors on the evening of the 2nd day. 

12 August │ Slow morning

Everyone is welcome to stay the 2nd night and have a slow and relaxed morning to have breakfast, pack and enjoy the road back home.


Some founders know well what they want to achieve and would like to use support in getting there; some founders cannot verbalize what they are looking for, but they feel they want to bring forth a change in their business or life. 

The Training Days are designed to support you to learn new things about yourself and find answers to your questions, which are in the form of feelings or goals. 

Take this time to tackle the challenges in your life.



Mart Suurkask

Bercman Technologies, CEO

Participating in the .Cocoon Training Days was a good reminder that everything starts from within. It is a great event to at least start the journey into deeper depths of oneself.


Maido Janke

Eziil co-founder

Thank you for mirroring back reality. Thank you for opening other perspective views. Thank you for listening. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for the trust. #growth


Marek Alliksoo


A key takeaway for me from the last Training Days was to listen to and trust other people. This especially involves trusting yourself to make those mistakes as a way to learn.

.Cocoon teaches you to touch the hot stove and despite knowing you get hurt, it also teaches you how to deal with it in a manner that allows you to not get burnt again by the same thing.


Matiss Neimanis

BuildIt Accelerator Managing Partner

At one moment I realized I'm stuck – I'm not sure which direction to go, how to deal with challenges, from who to ask for advice, because CEOs are usually lonely people.
Participation in .Cocoon Program has helped me to solve challenges in my business and also on a personal level.
I learned whatever challenge I will meet, most probably someone has already experienced it and there are at least several solutions.


First experience for a founder

1 ticket

€850+ VAT

First experience for  co-founders

2 tickets

€1600+ VAT

Price includes participation in all activities, meals and accomodation.

*Attending the onsite Training Days for the 2nd time costs 1800 eur per person. Attending for 3 and more times is reserved for our Full program clients only. For information, please contact Hristo Neiland -



Una Klapkalne


Although it might sound idealistic or naive I believe each of us have to become better person and thus make life better for society as well.  This is my driving force.


Hristo Neiland


I believe that all our barriers are made by ourselves, therefore with proper support, we can also take them down.


Rein Lemberpuu


I see true knowledge as a personal experience and personal power as result of impeccable execution in all daily matters. I stand for personal power and freedom from social conditioning. I represent not only passive acceptance of what is but also active participation in life to fight for what I believe in.


Dmitri Sarle

Russia → Finland → Estonia

Mentorship through action. Mentorship for me is not just about sharing knowledge. It is about the shift of perception and helping others to find the right answers for themselves. Where lies action, lies feedback and through feedback - we can find solutions and meaning.


Diana Stankevica


My main professional competences are strategic talent management and leadership development. 15+ years in corporate world (Head of pan-Baltic HR); working with startup founders and teams as Consultant and Mentor since 2018. Interested in reading, astrology; inspired by horse riding, archery, mountains. Good at discovering other people talents.


Jin Han

Korea → US → Netherland

Goal: Help balance business success and self-fulfilment
Values: Care, trust, respect, safe, peace
Focus: Process, Sales, Operations, Scalability, Strategy, Recruiting, Partners. AI. SaaS
Bio: 0 to $21M in 30 months; Accenture, Ernst&Young Management Consultant; 1500+ startups; 100+ founders; 7 investments; Happily alive

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