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.Cocoon Podcast #3 - Cofounders Synergy Workshop

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

The best time to work on founders' relationships is when all is going well; the second-best - before it's too late. This online workshop is for startup and scale-up co-founders and leaders of business teams.

Enjoy this recording of the workshop from 26th of May 2021!

It takes courage to admit something is not working in relationship with your cofounder. Unspoken frustration is powerful and can sabotage the relationship and also the business. Learn how to avoid such situation and if it's already happening, how to grow from there.

​In this free workshop:

🔹 .Cocoon Program leaders and mentors share proven methods to build solid founders and team relationships. The methods the founders of high-growth companies use.

🔹 a guest from Miro will share their lessons learned while scaling Miro to be the unicorn it is today.

​Workshop facilitators:

➡️ Ansis Lipenitis .Cocoon CEO

Ansis supports founders’ self-discovery for personal and business growth. A tech-entrepreneur since 2003 with experience in growth, crisis management and exiting. Studies and uses self-discovery and mysticism approach in business and decision-making. Loves nature.

➡️ Hristo Neiland .Cocoon COO

Hristo is mentoring startup founders and athletes to help them grow and achieve their goals. He started competing in sports early in his life - from basketball to disc golf. He has been leading different businesses since 2018 and is currently working alongside Ansis running the .Cocoon Program.

➡️ Jair Halevi, Miro Startup Program manager

Jair has a founder's mindset and is passionate about innovation, technology, and startups. He has mentored over 10 startups and founded his own social enterprise. He has worked with leading brands to deliver high-impact projects. Currently leading the Miro Startup Program, with + 3000 startups and +200 partners.

The workshop was organized by .Cocoon in collaboration with sTARTUp Day and Miro.

To find out if .Cocoon can support you in solving your biggest business or personal challenge, let's talk!



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