Martins Bicevskis

Board Member of Latvian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association


What do you do today?

I am helping our national Handball team to be ready for their first European final tournament in history if Latvia. This is my top priority now. It is very exciting to be part of the sports history! Although it takes time and energy to rise necessary funds and it is sometimes hard to motivate our small team in Federation what isn’t used to organize participation in such high level tournaments. Somehow, it is a lot like startup world – you do not have enough recourses but you have a lot of motivation, hope, faith, and great belief. This is my main task for next couple months as final tournament will be in January 2020.

I am also a professional board member. I’m helping state owned companies to change their business model from old style approach to more modern. We are creating new teams/boards and work together to develop and implement new strategies. Also, we are working a lot on new technologies to become more efficient. The goal is to be more business oriented despite the state owned capital status.

On top of that I am a limited partner of an acceleration fund that helps science based and deep-tech startups. We have very specific approach how we help to create new companies. We help them to grow, find the right market and customers.

How did you get there?

My whole life was a journey of trying to be as fast as world asked me to be. In the beginning I worked in the banking sector and then for the government more than 10 years on various positions like State Secretary, Chief of Migration Office. I am an expert on how to build huge data systems and how to create new strategies for the ministries.

Most challenging experience I had was to cope with financial crisis on a national level. During 2008-2009, I was the State Secretary of Ministry of Finances and we had an incredible situation. We had to survive in that severe economic situation. I was working with government, had to understand politicians, and at the same time create efficient business models for those companies who were under my administration.

At the end, I understood I am best in working with people. This is what I love. I understand people. I am not as talented as an engineer, artist, or doctor. All the time in my life, I had to find people much more talented as I am. Therefore, that is my biggest talent – to recognize others talents and allow them to grow. In my career I have helped and supported in my teams many leaders who were able to grow and achieve high level management positions like State secretaries, Board members of big state companies and leaders of institutions in European Commission.


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