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Martins Bicevskis

Co-Founder at Association of Technology and Startup Transfers
DelfinGroup supervisory board member


My Mentor's path began many years ago while leading various teams. It is a special skill that needs to be developed - to notice talent, let it grow and flourish.

For 6 years now, I have been a mentor in the Latvian Junior Achievement Leaders program and for 3 years in the Cocoon program.

My focus is team building and development.

Defined roles within the team, individual short-comings that might pose a problem with other team members and the process of overcoming such challenges together - all allow teams to change and grow.

Awareness, formulation of realistic actions, changing up the routine - these are simple, classic, and timeless tools that allow for a transformation to take place.

What do you do today?

I'm a Professional Board Member, Mentor, Investor. In parallel, I'm a startup Ecosystem Enthusiast. I have different roles, for instance, I'm a limited partner in the Commercialization Reactor Fund (deep-tech Latvian acceleration fund).

I'm also a co-founder of EdTech Evolution & She Loves Tech Central Eastern Europe (She Loves Tech is the world's largest women-led startup competition).

I also represent the startup ecosystem’s voice as a Board member of the Latvian Venture Capital Association.

I'm also an active participant in the Latvian Sport's ecosystem. I'm a Member of the Executive Committee at the Latvian Olympic Committee and the President of the Latvian Handball Federation.

How did you get there?

My whole life was a journey of trying to be as fast as the world asked me to be. In the beginning, I worked in the banking sector and then for the government for more than 10 years. I have held high level positions in various ministries of the Republic of Latvia. I was State Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Justice; a board of Directors member in large state-owned companies in the Real Estate and Energy sectors, and I was the President of the Latvian Banking Association.

The most challenging experience I have faced was coping with the financial crisis on a national level. During 2008-2009, I was the State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and we had an extreme challenge on our hands, having to survive an unprecedented economic turbulence that the State was not ready for. As I was working with the Government, I had to understand politicians and at the same time create efficient business models for those companies who were under my administration.

In the end, I have understood that I am best at working with people. This is what I love. I understand people. I am not particularly skilled like an engineer, artist, or doctor. All of my professional life, I have had to find people much more talented than I am in order to get the job done. During my long career of leading various teams, I have helped and supported many leaders who were able to grow and achieve high level management positions like that of State secretaries, Board members of big state companies and leaders of institutions in the European Commission. Therefore, this has become my biggest skill – to recognize talent in others and allow them to grow.

Why do you do what you do today?

I feel the need to grow and become more aware and focused. Feeling that my consciousness is changing creates motivation and inspiration.

Where are you going? What is your vision?

My vision is to work with teams and businesses who are interested in growth and new potential.

I'm looking forward to joining one new business where sustainability and nature would be core values.


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