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Become a better founder in half a day
Join Founders' day in Tallinn, Jan 26th

For scaleup founders with ARR above 0.4M

  • Gain clarity for more success in 2023

  • Mastermind sessions with other founders and coaches

  • Connect and network with likeminded founders

Only 30 invitations,
First 25 fully sponsored by .Cocoon

200+ leaders 

have grown with us

January 15 

application deadline

First ask

first served invitations

Nordström, Henri .png

If you would like to be a professional athlete you would probably hire a coach? .Cocoon is just that but for a business. If you take building your business seriously you should consider .Cocoon. 

Henri Nordström, Jobilla co-founder & CEO

.Cocoon Program client

MRR when joining .Cocoon Program: 150 000 eur 

MRR 1 year later: 800 000 eur 

Teemu Tervo.jpg

At first I wasn't sure if I would get much out of the event, but I decided to give it a shot. I was very happy to get so much energy, knowledge, and ideas from other founders and coaches. It was a great experience!

Teemu Tervo, Sellai co-founder & CEO

Founders' day Helsinki participant

MRR 60 000 eur

Jaakko Timonen_edited.jpg

I experienced how .Cocoon coaching method works. I’ve seen proof how their coaches are able to uncover biases and blind spots. It helps founders to gain more clarity and stay sane.

Jaakko Timonen, Nonono co-founder & CEO

Founders' day Helsinki participant

10% week to week revenue growth


Hundreds of founders and leaders have achieved better results with our support

In what areas would you like to advance to the next level?


You will experience a safe space to take the masks off and be real.​ You will look for new ways to grow your business. Learn what hidden biases and beliefs are holding you back and how you can realize more of your company's potential using founders' psychology methods.


It will be a rare experience to network while being authentic.

Invest that which you want more of. More than 200 founders have invested their time with us, to gain more time and achieve more. 

Applications close by January 6

Only 30 invitations. First 25 fully sponsored


30 scaleup founders will gather in Tallinn. You will be guided by scaleup mentors & coaches who specialize in founder psychology and have personal experience in business and leadership.

Afternoon 1 PM

We will start with a keynote: Key learnings from growing a unicorn and mentoring close to a hundred CEOs of high growth companies, by Rein Lemberpuu - CEO of Contriber, former CEO of unicorn Playtech. 

We will proceed with a personal and business growth workshop. 

Then the participants and mentors will form peer groups and collaborate to get clarity on tackling their challenges to be more successful.

As always in .Cocoon events, expect the unexpected throughout the day.


Join a dinner (joy and drinks included in the menu) with participants and mentors. The official dinner ends at 8 PM, everyone is welcome to stay for longer to network and enjoy the evening.

Mentors & coaches


Rein Lemberpuu

I see true knowledge as a personal experience and personal power as result of impeccable execution in all daily matters. 

Mentor's story
Interview video

Applications close by January 6

Only 30 invitations. First 25 fully sponsored

Botanical Greenhouse

Apply for the invitation now

Is this event for you? Then apply immediately - .Cocoon will sponsor 25 invitations for qualified participants who apply first.

5 additional invitations will be available to purchase for the price of 350 eur. 

  • This event is for CEOs and other C-level positions can join their CEO,

  • You want to become a better leader and are interested in self-development,

  • Annual Revenue €400 000+ or you have raised €2M+

After you have filled out the application, we will call you to get to know each other and agree if you are invited to the Founders' Day Tallinn.

The deadline for the application is the 15th of January or when the tickets run out.

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