Mentoring program

.Cocoon is a self-discovery and company growth program through personal mentoring

We start from your business challenge and find the link between the challenge and you (your perception - approach, attitudes, and behaviors). The mentors of the program guide the participants to change their perception and grow their awareness, and founders can see new solutions that were unavailable to them before. This is when self-discovery becomes essential for business growth, and tackling the business challenges turns into the fuel for self-discovery. Read more about how it works here.

Program components 

Mentoring sessions

Mentoring sessions are with your main mentor and, depending on the intensity of your plan, shadow mentor every 2 or 3 weeks.

Our mentors are experienced in business and self-discovery mentoring. Read more about our Mentors.

Shadow mentoring

Shadow mentor is someone who silently observes you and your mentor, takes notes (because when you are interacting, you cannot do it yourself) and later helps both of you to reflect. Shadow mentor can help you pick up on things you didn't, which offers you yet another way to look at things. This way, we avoid blind spots and multiply the effect.

Inner work and accountability 

Mentors assign relevant homework after each session and help you keep yourself accountable for your inner work.


Mentoring events 

Mentoring Events take place 4 times a year. All the founders and 15-20 mentors gather for 2 days. The events are designed to support you in learning how your perception is holding you back from achieving your goals. See the Events page.  



Masterclasses take place 2 times a year and are conducted by one mentor for a limited number of founders (max 30) for 4 days. See the last Masterclass.


Plans and pricing

Group mentoring

5 founders and 2 mentors;

Online meeting every 3rd week;

Duration: 3 months.


€ 250 month

Individual: Startup

1:1 with your mentor;

Online meeting every 3rd week;

2 mentoring events; 

1 masterclass;

Duration: 12 months.

€ 500 month

Individual: Scale-up

1:1 with your mentor;

Online meeting every 2nd week;

3 mentoring events; 

1 masterclass;

Duration: 12 months.

€ 900 month

Individual: Scale-up Plus

1 mentor and 1 shadow mentor for you;

Online meeting every 2nd week;

3 mentoring events; 

1 masterclass;

Individual assessment of 2 founders;

Duration: 12 months.

€ 1200 month

Individual: Tailored

1-2 mentors and 1 shadow mentor for you and co-founders;

Online meeting every 2nd week; 

4 mentoring events; 

2 masterclasses;

Challenge-solving assessment 

Duration: 12 months.

€ 1500 - 3000 month

Core team

2-3 mentors and 1-2 shadow mentors for the founders and the team;

Weekly meetings;

6 mentoring events; 

2 masterclasses;

Growth assesssment;

Duration: 12 months.

€ 5000 month

The team and participants 

Other services


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