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Candy Cotton

Solve an urgent business challenge

Leverage Package for growth-oriented leaders:​​

  • Discover opportunities to reach your goals faster

  • Save time - gain clarity on root causes holding back your progress

  • Uncover and remove blind spots

3 mentoring sessions, tailored evaluation and assignments.

Concise process, zero risk, clear ROI.

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1200 eur

+VAT if applicable 

200+ leaders 

have grown with us in 5 years


Satisfied or money back

We specialize

in supporting business leaders

Nordström, Henri .png

If you would like to be a professional athlete you would probably hire a coach? .Cocoon is just that but for a business. If you take building your business seriously you should consider .Cocoon. 

Henri Nordström, Jobilla co-founder & CEO

.Cocoon client. MRR: 800k eur. Team: 180 people

Revenue growth 4x during 1 year in .Cocoon Program


Hundreds of business founders and leaders have achieved better results with .Cocoon

In what area would you like to progress? 


Our clients usually desire to advance in one or several areas - leadership quality, revenue, fundraising, team relationships, product development, recruitment or personal area.  

We help to see how solutions to business challenges can come from the leader.

We are considered one of the best mentoring programs for business leaders.

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How it works


  1. Sign up online.

  2. Receive and fill in the initial evaluation. 


  1. We will match you with your mentor. 

  2. You will have 3 online mentoring sessions.
    The sessions take place every second week. 

  3. We recommend tailored assignments to progress with your goal(s) between the sessions. 


After the third session, you will conclude with the summary self-evaluation. 

We guarantee a 100% refund if you would be unhappy with the value received. 

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I believe that most challenges in our life and business are directly related to the challenges, limitations, or barriers in ourselves. Cocoon helped me to understand the root cause of my challenges and remove the barriers and limitations that are causing them. 

Mattias Lepp, Click and Grow founder  

.Cocoon client. ARR: 12M eur

The session with Hristo Neiland was super valuable! While I didn't expect to get any "aha" moments, I got two breakthroughs during the session. Hristo is a professional coach with solid business background.

Andris Zemmers, JZ Microphones CMO

Ansis Farhad Lipenitis has the ability to look at your challenges from a completely different angle to what you would expect and provide insights to underlying issues instead of a temporary fix.

Marek Alliksoo, Skycorp founder & CEO

Marcel Gasser was such a breath of fresh air. He helped me realize that the business itself is a series of levers that can all be figured out. But the most impact comes from a high function person controlling them.

Kyle Dine, founder & CEO

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