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Raise with confidence

Test-drive your pitch with angel investors and get real feedback on all sides of your fundraising.

Investor meeting trial
500€ + VAT

Prepare for fundraising the right way

This service is for pre-seed and seed-stage startups preparing for their next fundraising.


If you don't know how you are actually doing with your pitch, consider asking for help from us. You will be working with investors who evaluate hundreds of startups each month and know how to improve your performance. 

Discover your strengths, weaknesses, and pitfalls with the help of a real angel investor.

Meet with an angel (investor)

It's not often that you get any explaination from an investor. This time they are on your side.

Keep the recording

You can record the session and come back to it when you need.

60-minute meeting

First 30-minutes is a usual investor meeting. Next 30-minutes is a valuable feedback session.

Written report

Get a PDF with your strenghts, weaknesses, pitfalls, and questions you should know the answer to.

360 degree feedback

Investor see your cold email, your pitch deck, and the pitch itself. You'll get thorough feedback on all sides of your pitch.

Meeting with real angel investors

Work with people that have met, evaluated, and invested in founders. They know what investors are looking for.

Recording for later

You're welcome to record and store the valuable insights for later use. In fact, we advise you to do so.

360° feedback

During the meeting, investor gives you actual feedback about how you're percived and how you can improve. Something investors almost never do.

Written report

Leave with a report about your strengths, weaknesses, pitfalls, and opportunities to improve your performance by 200%.

60-minute meeting

First half is a usual pitch while the second half is focused on feedback and improving. Invite your co-founder to maximize value.

Prepare like a pro

You'll be prepared better than 99% of first-time founders pitching to the same investors. We'll help you see and skip the hurdles on your way.


How does the process work?

With this service, you will experience a real investor meeting with valuable feedback.

This of course means doing all the things you would while reaching out to investors.


You will have to send a cold outreach email to our investor, schedule a call, and pitch as you would normally. But after pitching, you'll get transparent feedback on how an investor sees you as a founder and your pitch with valuable insight on what to improve. The latter is something you will never get from investors.

You'll be prepared better than 99% of first-time founders pitching to the same investors.

Investor meeting trial
500€ + VAT

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