Cocoon Assessments for Clarity

Identify the roots of what's not working in fundraising, team, sales, and more. Make informed decisions for growth and changes. 

Cocoon Assessments combine the personal, psychological, and business aspects of the leadership team and the company. The process includes interviews, tests, group discussions and mentoring sessions.

Most founders know the mantra "What you can measure, you can manage," and thus, they keep track of various business KPIs. But how does one measure inefficiencies in the company structure, management personalities and responsibilities match, psychological blockers and blind-spots, and tensions between the key people? And what is the direct and also the opportunity cost of not knowing this information?


  • Resolve Fundraising, Sales, Team and other challenges
    If the company is facing challenges, founders need to know the root causes that are blocking the growth. Cocoon Assessments help to identify those causes. A company can get stuck, on the symptoms level, in fundraising, sales, team relations, and several other aspects.

  • Determine the best Growth strategy 
    When the company is growing, founders need to constantly re-adjust it so that the structure, responsibilities, and relationships are supporting the growth instead of slowing or blocking it. Cocoon Assessments help to make informed decisions instead of guess-work. 

Components of the Assessments 


Cocoon assessments include:

  • Personality assessments of the founders and management team;

  • Identifying psychological blockers and blind spots of the leadership team;

  • Assessing organizational structure match with personalities and expectations;

  • Identifying relationship tensions between the key roles;

  • Discussing the conclusions and mentoring on the next steps. 



Standard price

Cocoon Assessment for 2 people € 2300 eur

+ Additional team members € 920 eur / person

Price with first experience discount*

Cocoon Assessment for 2 people € 1500 eur

+ Additional team members € 500 eur / person

*The discount is applicable when this is your first service bought from Cocoon in 2 years.

The assessments team


Rein Lemberpuu


I believe that all great leaders have great mentors and .Cocoon is the best framework for founders and mentors joining into one team.


Hristo Neiland


I believe that all our barriers are made by ourselves, therefore with proper support, we can also take them down.