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FREE 1h online training for founders and executives. Seats are limited

Ascend Framework: Proven growth path.
Consolidated learnings from 1000+ mentoring sessions with founders and executives

How to uncover the CAUSES of your challenges and identify the most appropriate solutions

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February 16 @ 11:00 AM GMT+2

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We invested 100+ hours and aggregated learnings from 1000+ mentoring sessions with founders and executives to create the Ascend Framework. 
Invest 1 hour to learn how to use it to solve your challenges and grow your results.

When your challenge is Sales problems, Slow growth, Team underperformance or Overload -

Learn to uncover deeper CAUSES of business challenges on the personal level

And define PERMANENT solutions that ACTUALLY WORK for you as a human and for your business.

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Your host Farhad Niyoz - mentor and CEO of Cocoon.

Compressed knowledge from 1000+ of mentoring sessions: In 4 years, we’ve mentored over 200 founders and executives and researched the patterns in the challenge causes and permanent solutions that have worked for our clients. 

Hear from our clients

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If you take building your business seriously you should consider Cocoon. - Henri Nordström, Jobilla CEO, Finland


My company and I needed a change for better results. I have brought many learnings from Cocoon back to my company.

 - Indrek Jaal, Globalreader CEO, Estonia


The Cocoon program empowered me to embrace the CEO role authentically and overcome fears, including that of a co-founder potentially leaving. - Uku Püttsepp, Degritter CEO, Estonia


Farhad is very good at getting to the root of the problem with his direct questions and comments.

- Michael Henriksen, Wavepiston CEO, Denmark


Farhad's experience and insight were very helpful for us in our growth trajectory. He is incredibly generous as a mentor. - Julia Gifford, Truesix CEO, Latvia

Toomas Pihl.png

I was looking for a clearer vision for my company. Our results astounded me - we uncovered so much about our current challenges and possible steps towards better alignment. - Toomas Pihl, Agrello CEO, Estonia

Marek Alliksoo_edited_edited.jpg

Farhad has the ability to look at your challenges from a completely different angle to what you would expect. - Marek Alliksoo, Skycrop CEO, Estonia


Participation in Cocoon Program has helped me to solve challenges in my business and also on a personal level. - Matiss Neimanis, BuildIT CEO, Latvia


I must say that Farhad is so skilled in his technique that I thought he was a shaman! 
It is clear that a strong knowledge system supports his method of helping entrepreneurs. - Agne Ellere, AG Vibez CEO, Latvia

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