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Tommi Ullgren

Founder of ATRA Innovations, mentor, sauna ambassador


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

– African Proverb

Self-discovery and developing self-awareness is a common mission for us conscious people. I’m a simple villager and poor farmer who guides entrepreneurs on their challenging journey on the Planet Earth.

What do you do today?

I'm a professional mentor, tech entrepreneur, super connector and impact investor based in Helsinki, Finland. My education and background is in the software industry for both product businesses and consulting. From there my work has evolved to mentoring, supporting and coaching transformative entrepreneurs professionally. I’m especially interested to work on scalable businesses with a higher purpose and high net-positive impact either to the wellbeing of our planet or people on it. 

We walk the path together and my humble role is to guide fellow founders and entrepreneurs through hell, fire and grey stones when needed. 

Meditation, yoga, mindfulness and daily practices keep up the spirit & balance needed for it. I also have a strong passion for Finnish Sauna where I facilitate steam rituals and traditions both in Finland and abroad.

How did you get there?

I have a Masters degree in Computer Science from the Helsinki University of Technology (now part of Aalto University). 

I established my first software consulting business 25 years ago back in 1996 when the internet was young like myself. In 2005 I co-founded (as founding CEO) another software business where I ended up in a strong burnout in 2010 for several better and worse reasons. This spiritual crisis situation really opened my eyes and solidified my values and morals for a new fascinating professional path. After that, I have become strongly interested in human consciousness, secular spirituality, psychology, self-development and supporting planet-positive ventures. In some sense, I have arrived here through a number of synchronicities, inner guidance and loads of good luck.

Professionally I’m interested in working with personal development, transformative scalable technologies, self-organized teams, TEAL philosophy, sociocracy and conscious entrepreneurship. I’m also very keen on solutions for improving human wellbeing, applications related to the evolution of human consciousness and new emerging energy technologies among others. 

Why are you doing what you are doing?

“Helping others is a noble thing to do,” said someone wisely. 

In mentoring work, I’m touching the lives of mentees and can see their development as human beings, professionals, parents and colleagues. I have received a load of support in my career and life, so this role is both for giving it back and getting emotional reward from doing good for others. If we succeed in building trust-based mentoring relationships we can both learn a lot and live a more fulfilled life. 

On the business side, mentoring contributes to creating scalable businesses having positive systemic impact faster. I’ve discovered that wise STO (service to others) is better game theory tactics than STS (service to self) in the long run. I’m also an advocate for serendipity and listening to your inner guidance or intuition daily. Deep intuition and emotions rule over pure rational logic most of the time.

Where are you going? What is your vision?

Once my dear friend Jonathan asked: “Tommi, what is your endgame?”. I had not thought that specifically before and I got a clear systemic vision on having a strong global trust network around my work. Someday far-far in the future, I will be travelling around the world with a personal flying vehicle that operates nearly without pollution and runs silently on free energy. This vehicle has hopefully partly been developed with support and inspiration from me, by an impact company and transformative entrepreneur I have mentored closely. 

Personally, I will often visit my close friends and people I have been helping on their rocky paths as entrepreneurs. Hopefully, some of them will have built beautiful saunas where I can facilitate steam rituals & healing work that I love. Meanwhile waiting for this vision to become alive I stay curious, conscious and connected to my true self.

This future vision is best supported by getting to know plenty of good people (you), doing professional mentoring work, being at the service and acting as a conscious global citizen. Let’s have a walk & talk together?


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Kaspars Salenieks

Head of Product of Monetizr

A year working with Tommi was intertwined with personal challenges that opened growth opportunities. It was easy for me to build trust with him. Tommi offered tactical advice on the day-to-day challenges I faced, leading the product and strategic insights to align my personal growth with company objectives.
Mentorship sessions were instrumental in overcoming challenges and turning them into opportunities for me personally and the company.
Every session with Tommi reminded me to be present and intentional, and it was filled with encouragement. I am very grateful for the time I spent with Tommi.

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Mart Suurkask

CEO of Bercman Technologies

In addition, he has a strong will and talent to inspire you with your challenges.

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Gaspar Anton

Co-founder & CEO of Eyevi Technologies

Tommi Ullgren’s deep insights and calmness gave me much-needed guidance to slow down and find my “Zen” state. At the same time, his long experience in entrepreneurship was always helpful to tackle several challenges.

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