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Age Rosenberg

Founder of Headflow


Growth mindset will take a person far and fast. In my work I love pushing people to look deeper in self to discover the internal wonderland. I believe it's the only true way to grow - from inside out.

What do you do today?

My mission and my company's mission is to create safe, open and creative space for individuals and organizations to grow, develop and change. I provide coaching and hands-on trainings to enhance performance and to support development and/or transformation.

How did you get there?

My business and actions in life are driven by a belief that every change is possible – it assumes willingness and awareness. My love for organizations and individuals making up the organizations started already during university studies when I focused on the role of communication in enhancing organizational life. Since then I have worked for 15 years in the internal communication and HR field.

These days I am taking my last steps with my Ph.D. where I look into organizational practices during change and the role of communication in connecting and breaking up the links within and between those practices. The goal is to bring tools to the leaders to support their awareness of what is actually going on during (constant) organizational changes and then coach them and their teams until they are change masters.

Then when once a few years back I found myself without any connection to any organization I realized that different occasions and trainings in life had shown me the way towards understanding the individual – Gordon’s Parent Effectiveness Training back when kids were little, training myself in participative leadership and then I found myself in the very right place learning to be a coach. Now all the dots in this world are connecting again – I can approach organizational life through an individual as well as through an organizational perspective.

Why are you doing what you are doing? 

There are two kind of Whys. The first one to drive me is that I believe that the staff can welcome changes more easily if they are practiced in a conscious manner. This calls for every person’s transformation within any organization. Change is not only a matter of management to implement and staff to reject or accept. 

This brings me to individuals. My other belief is that people do not have to forget themselves in the work-wheel and burnout before they realise how they can become more aware of their choices and be responsible for their own transformation. I went through this transformation myself and I feel I want to wake people up before the crash. 

So my Why is to make this world a better place individual by individual, team by team, organization by organization through a more conscious approach to growth and change.

Where are you going? What is your vision?

My vision for the future is to grow so I can support more and more people and organizations in their change awareness and improve their skills to create a better world. It means that I will constantly keep training myself, researching and testing different approaches to understand the path of development of the human mind so that I can find more and more ways to support the individuals as well as organizations in their change and growth.


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