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.Cocoon Assessments help teams discover the way to their full potential

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

.Cocoon Assessments combine the personal, psychological, and business aspects of the leadership team and the company. The process includes interviews, tests, group discussions and mentoring sessions for 2+ people from the company. The assessment is for postrevenue stage companies that are either stuck and want to see why, or that are growing and want to ensure nothing will slow down their growth.

A company can get stuck in fundraising, sales, team relations, and several other aspects. If the company is facing challenges, founders need to know the root causes that are blocking the growth. .Cocoon Assessments help to identify those causes.

For the first step, .Cocoon Assessments team uses various tests. It helps to understand people and teams — what drives behaviors at work, how team members see the world and how does the organizational structure match with personalities and expectations

After taking the test, each of the core team members taking the assessment has a personal meeting with our mentors where, in the form of an interview, our team gets an in-depth view on the team member.

The next step is a several-hour group session for all the core team members and our mentors together. The purpose of this session is to observe the team relationships and bring out the tensions in the team.

By the end of the group session, .Cocoon Assessments team has gathered all the information prepares a report and then has an elaborate mentoring session about it with the founders of the company.

When the company is growing, founders need to constantly re-adjust it so that the structure, responsibilities, and relationships are supporting the growth instead of slowing or blocking it. Cocoon Assessments help to make informed decisions instead of guess-work.

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