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Andris Merkulovs

Andris Merkulovs

CEO at Monetizr


Feedback about Cocoon and our mentors

I am a CEO and founder of an early-stage startup, and my life revolves around building an ambitious product that impacts billions of people. In the midst of this hectic and chaotic journey, where structure is essential, I’ve realized the importance of delegation, clear communication, team motivation, and personal well-being. These tasks are challenging, and tackling them alone can be even more daunting. That’s why I sought hands-on mentorship and support, and I found exactly what I needed with Farhad and his team at Cocoon. Working with Farhad has been transformative. His guidance has not only helped me navigate anxiety but also empowered me to delegate effectively, communicate with clarity, and connect with my inner self.
Through coaching, frameworks, books, real-life examples, and valuable connections from Farhad’s extensive network, I’ve discovered opportunities to overcome startup founder challenges. Now, 14 months into this journey, I can confidently say that I’m evolving into a better leader.
Thank you, Farhad, for being the mentor and support system I needed on this incredible entrepreneurial ride!


Last summer, my co-founder and I joined Cocoon's Training Days. Despite different teams and locations, it was an amazing experience. We engaged in activities, debates, and explored leadership. During the session, I discovered the power of vulnerability. Sharing my weaknesses led to remarkable results and improved teamwork. It was a revelation. Founders often face similar challenges. Reflect on your motivations and strive to become a better person for yourself, your team, and your vision.


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