Workshop: Founders' relationships for growth and alignment


April 28 online

The best time to work on founders' relationships is when all is going well; the second-best - before it's too late. This online workshop is for startup and scale-up co-founders and leaders of business teams.


This workshop is for you and your co-founder if you understand the need for good communication between founders in order to grow your business.

Often in relationships being honest is overpowered by the fear of hurting another person and ruining the relationship. But at the same time, those unsaid things boil underneath the surface and come up in bursts in most unsuitable moments. This workshop is your chance to control these situations and gain tools to communicate in honest and supportive ways while not suppressing negative emotions.

Workshop facilitators

Ansis Lipenitis .Cocoon CEO


Ansis supports founders’ self-discovery for personal and business growth. He promotes life directed to becoming one’s True Self. He has been into self-discovery for the past decade and entrepreneur since 2003 (software, B2B, B2C, startups). 

Hristo Neiland .Cocoon COO


Hristo is mentoring startup founders and athletes to help them grow and achieve their goals. He started competing in sports early in his life - from basketball to disc golf. He has been leading different businesses since 2018 and is currently working alongside Ansis running the .Cocoon Program.

You will get


The know-how and tools to build a good and strong relationship between the cofounders and other team members. As a result, to become a better leader. 

  • How to use anger in a mature way;

  • How to navigate shadow repression and projections; 

  • How to use the power of openness and confrontation without conflicting.


In this workshop, we have distilled the tested and working practices that our full program clients use.

Time and price 

  • April 28 on Zoom 

  • EEST (UTC+3) 18:00-20:00; PDT (UTC-7) 8:00-10:00

  • Price: 50 eur 

  • 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee (we guarantee to return the payment if, after participating in the workshop, you will request the refund). 

Discounts apply when registering 6 or more participants.  We recommend to participate together with your cofounders. For more information, reach out to hristo @ cocoonprogram.com.

Ansis as a mentor has the ability to look at your challenges from a completely different angle to what you would expect and provide insights to underlying issues instead of a temporary fix. He is able to pinpoint your weaknesses and teach you how to turn them into your strengths.

Marek Alliksoo

SkyCorp CEO

Ansis is a wizard. His deep understanding of the human psyche will help you look at yourself and your reality in an entirely new, deeply refreshing way. With just a few pointed questions he's able to get to the core of the issue at hand and give valuable advice at multiple levels of analysis.

Michal Dziergwa

Emys CEO

Thank you for mirroring back reality. Thank you for opening other prospective views. Thank you for listening. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for the trust. #growth

Maido Janke 

Eziil co-founder

Some of the participants of Cocoon services

Henrikas Urbonas

Interactio co-founder, CEO


Indrek Jaal

GlobalReader founder, CEO


Mattias Lepp

Click & Grow founder, CEO


Hanna Talving

Sayat.me co-founder, CEO


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