Who and how can join .Cocoon

Who can join 

Our program is designed for startup/scale-up founders who want to use their business as a way of self-discovery or to use self-discovery as a way to grow their business or both.


For you, the best time to apply is when

  • You feel you want to accelerate your self-discovery;

  • Or you want to accelerate the growth of your business;

  • Or you have faced challenges which you know you can't tackle without an additional piece of information or advice - you have come to realize that you need a deeper, inner change to see new opportunities to tackle your challenges. 


We are looking for growing companies. This is quite an intense program, and hence, your company needs to have enough momentum to bring new challenges to the table for every mentoring session.


After every Mentoring Event, we select a limited number of applicants in 3 tiers. The maximum number of Full Program participants is 40 founders in total. The actual division between tiers can vary year by year around the following objectives: 

  • 10 founders from startups with Monthly revenue € 1 000 - 24 999;

  • 20 founders, € 25 000 - 199 999;

  • 10 founders, € 200 000, and more.

How to join

These are the steps that founders from companies with monthly revenue up to € 199 000 follow. (If your company's monthly revenue is € 200 000 or more, please, reach out to us directly, see contacts).  

1. Initial conversation

Get in touch with us by filling out this form, and we will schedule an online conversation to learn more about you and your challenges. 


2. Mentoring event

If, after the initial conversation, we see there is a mutual fit, we will invite you to join the nearest Mentoring event.


We give 8-12 new founders the opportunity to join the next Mentoring Event for a fee of €600 (+VAT if applicable) or €300 if the event takes place online. If you bring your co-founders, then discounts apply.


The event is part of the full program, and therefore, you will be joining the founders already in the program. The event is also double-sided matchmaking that enables us to see if this is a fit for you and for you to see if it resonates with you. 

For those who are also interested in joining the full 1-year program:

3. Interview

We will meet online after the Mentoring event. Only 3-5 startup founders from each batch will get an offer to join the 1-year program. We consider your self-discovery and business potential and also if there is the main mentor match for you.


4. Contract

If both sides are satisfied with the accomplished steps, we will agree upon the terms and sign the year-long Mentoring program contract.

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