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Solve a challenge - business or personal

As a founder or leader, dealing with challenges is part of the job. We'll help you uncover how they connect to you and your team and find ways to solve them.

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Our clients have navigated various challenges.
What do you want to conquer next?


  • Make that pivotal decision.

  • Discover my purpose.

  • Envision a compelling vision for my business.

  • Regain motivation and energy.

  • Regain joy and a positive mindset at work.

  • Minimise stress and worry.

  • Manage workload and free up time.

  • Curb overwhelm and prevent burnout.

  • Overcome self-doubt and build confidence.

  • Make a smooth business exit. 


  • Improve the financial situation.

  • Understand the underlying causes of sales issues. 

  • Understand deeper reasons for fundraising hurdles.

  • Transition from service to product company.


  • Tackle underperformance.

  • Refine organisational structure and responsibilities.

  • Align leadership team.

  • Improve team morale or resolve a conflict.

Explore the support formats


All services take place online unless we've indicated otherwise. 
Prices are displayed without VAT. The lower price is for your 1st mentoring experience with Cocoon. 
We provide a
100% satisfaction guarantee.

 Solo Approach 

Understand your role in the challenge and the steps you can take in 1:1 individual mentoring.



  • Cocoon assessment.

  • Two individual mentoring sessions.

€ 550

The regular fee is € 760.


  • Cocoon assessment.

  • Three individual mentoring sessions.

€ 800

The regular fee is € 1140.


I had the pleasure of having conversations with Farhad about my challenges on where to focus on our journey, making Wavepiston the leading wave energy company in the world. Farhad is very good at getting to the root of the problem with his direct questions and comments. This has given me some tools and made me more conscious of choosing the right battles and tasks to focus on and being better at delegating to other colleagues.

Michael Henriksen, Wavepiston CEO, Denmark  


2-5 leadership team members:

  • Cocoon assessment.

  • 1:1 mentoring session for the CEO.

  • 3h team mentoring session.

€ 800

The regular fee is € 1400.


2-5 leadership team members:

  •  Cocoon assessment.

  • 1:1 mentoring session for the CEO.

  • Full-day team workshop onsite.

€ 2000

The regular fee is € 2800.

Plus travel and accommodation.

 Team Approach 

Understand how you and your co-founders or leadership team collectively contribute to the challenge and what you all can do.

Nordström, Henri .png

I highly recommend the Cocoon process for all companies with multiple founders who want to achieve big goals together. No team ever works perfectly, and it helps to get outside professionals to coach you to work better.

Henri Nordström, Jobilla CEO, Finland  


3 leaders from various companies and 2 mentors.

  • Cocoon assessment.

  • One 2.5h mastermind group mentoring session.

€ 280

The regular fee is € 500.


3 leaders from various companies and 2 mentors.

  • Cocoon assessment.

  • Two 2.5h mastermind group mentoring sessions.

€ 500

The regular fee is € 1000.

 Mastermind Approach 

Uncover your role in your current challenge and identify the actionable steps within a group of like-minded leaders - fellow Cocoon clients.

Ranno Käomägi.png

.Cocoon group mentoring has been ridiculously effective for me. Every session, I discovered many unknown unknowns about myself and got deep insights from multiple perspectives that boosted the process of solving my personal and business challenges.

Ranno Käomägi, Remato CEO, Estonia  

Your turn

1. Sign up,

2. We'll schedule a 20-minute call and identify the service and mentor that best aligns with your needs.
3. Following our call, we'll send you an invitation to complete the Cocoon assessment and will schedule your initial session.

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