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Yes is also No

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Two thoughts about Yes and No.

1. Each Yes is No to other opportunities

By saying Yes to "Nice", we might miss "Great". For example:

  • If you say Yes to a new product, with that, you say No to becoming way better than any of your competitors.

  • Yes to a new client segment too early = No to reaching critical mass in the current segment, thus making your growth slower.

2. Some Yeses could have an expiration date

We grow a long list of habits, activities, rules, and principles with time. They brought you here. But they might slow your further progress.

Revisit your environment with today's awareness and ask:

  • Is this still the best method to reach the goals?

  • Are those goals still important?

If the answer to either question is "No" - remove.


Simplify. Focus on what's important:

1. Know who your clients are

(Our example - startup and scaleup leaders seeking knowledge about themselves and life.)

2. Know what value you provide for them.

(Our example - inner growth and, through that, also business growth. With inner growth, we mean emotional healing, inner freedom and personal power as a human and leader, that also supports business growth instead of slowing it unconsciously).

3. Create and provide a great product that delivers that value.

(Our example - inner and business growth mentoring program).

4. Take care of your and your team's personal development and wellbeing.

5. Simplify and minimize the rest.

The more you get to know yourself and your inner freedom grows, the simpler approach you can take.

P.S. Have you evaluated busyness as a defense against being?




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