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How to get more time as a leader?

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Do you feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done as a leader? Here's an approach that could change that.

This approach is simple to implement. Yet many struggle because of one mindset trick.

👉 Approach

Imagine that if you stopped doing everything you do at work, nothing would change. Your team would deal with your essential tasks, and nonessential tasks would remain undone with no effect.

Picture how this would happen, then imagine you may have only a 15-hour work week.

Choose what tasks you would keep for yourself and figure out what happens with the remaining tasks.

Who can take on the important tasks?

Which are not worth doing?

How does the team structure need to change to make this happen?

🚩Mindset trick

What makes this approach hard to implement is fear-based biases.

When we work, it fills our day and allows us to not feel the things we fear. (Want to test if it is so? Take a 4 week vacation without a computer and phone).

When you go through this exercise, notice when your mind says, "but this cannot be so; I have to do it myself."

Ask "why" several times until you uncover your personal fear.

You may discover the fear of trusting other people, being let down, not reaching your goals in time or disapproval.

Real-life example

“I thought I needed to lead Monday's staff meeting. When I first thought of delegating it, I faced the fear of losing the power if someone else started leading it. Hence, I was facing my fear of powerlessness.

For a while, this meeting has been led by our COO, and I can enjoy participating in it without investing energy to prepare and lead it.” - Ansis Farhad Lipenitis, CEO of .Cocoon.


Farhad Niyoz is the CEO of .Cocoon.



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