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Founder’s Mentoring Group began!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

.Cocoon powered by .Contriber started with a new Founder’s Mentoring Group. The founders and mentors gather online after every 3 weeks to talk about challenges, get new perspectives and find solutions.

The online group has 5 participants and 3 mentors who support the founders to get new perspectives on their challenges and learn ways to tackle them.

"Inspired by our experience in founders' psychology mentoring events, we decided to start this group for early-stage startup founders who are preparing to join the full program once reaching the business milestones,” said Ansis Lipenitis, the .Cocoon Venture Partner. “It will be a great mix of self-discovery and business growth decisions in a group setting, supported by experienced business and psychology mentors."

The participants are encouraged to journal their feelings while listening to others – taking the learnings back to themselves helps the participants to practice self-discovery during the 3-hour call. This helps the founder to see his/her behavioural patterns and how these are present in the business environment. Some of the patterns hold people back from achieving their goals, some of these support them in their success story. When the person is aware of him/herself, it is much easier to move towards the goal.

If you would like to learn more or get updates about the next 3-month group contact us from here.


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