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.Cocoon October newsletter: Founder = King

Updated: 8 hours ago

A king* has certain responsibilities. Same as a (co)founder.

  • Be for the best interest of the kingdom

  • Initiate action

  • Point out the direction

  • Define and ensure order

  • Give blessing for fertility, growth and wellbeing

  • Ensure protection of his realm.

(*I speak to both male and female co-founders. As a female cofounder, especially in the role of CEO, you are the king and the queen at the same time. With “king” here I am referring to the king archetype, not a historical person king).

3 types of kings:

1. A true king provides the above mentioned and maintains an objective position with all stakeholders. He knows when to step back in daily activities and when the time has come to give the king's rights to someone else.

2. A weakling king is not able to fulfil one or multiple of the responsibilities. He chooses the victim mindset. Blames circumstances and other people. Is afraid to use confrontation or conflict as a tool. Does not grow together with his kingdom but wastes time in sickness or vanity leisure.

3. A tyrant king assumes the role of god (whatever type of god of his understanding). And acts as the centre of the universe - everyone and everything must serve his wants. And if someone does not obey, they will be severely punished.

Which king are you?

Do you want to become a better king?

Do you know or want to know the purpose of your kingdom?

If yes, then we want to support you! Get in touch with Hristo or me.

Farhad Niyoz CEO of .Cocoon


Age Rosenberg: Are you mentorable? What is mentorability?

Sometimes people force mentoring on themselves, without yet being ready for it. When I say I work with people whose door is a little open, I mean people, who have opened the door within and at least have peaked in to understand that there is a lot to discover about themselves.

Dmitri Sarle: Three Pitfalls Of Self-Development Explored

The self-development world is rich, vivid, and full of variety. But entering this world can also lead to a trap! Namely - three. First - when you try all of the techniques, but your life does not seem to change. Second - when you find a single solution and stop exploring others. Third - when you use self-development as an excuse to be stuck.

Take action!

Join the next Founders online mentoring group that starts as soon as a new 5 people group is assembled!

"The group opened up some new pathways in the thought process of oneself. It was a relaxing environment where you can lower your guard and recognize problems that are not obvious when living your everyday life. Mentors were very caring, thoughtful and gave very valuable feedback and advice."

- Mart Suurkask, CEO of Bercman Technologies

To explore this and other ways we can support you, ping me or .Cocoon COO Hristo Neiland today!

Farhad Niyoz .Cocoon program




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